How to Grow Online Transcription Business & Get New Clients

How to Grow Online Transcription Business & Get New Clients

Online Transcription Business

Have you recently set up your online transcription business and are looking for ways to improve and scale up your operations? Here is an advanced guide on how you can plan your strategy for the future.

Prepare Business Strategy and Planning: Focus on Your KPIs

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement makes use of data to help you draw inferences about your business’s performance by measuring its important features from a top level perspective. Measuring KPIs helps you gain perfect insight into your business, top to bottom that can help you in important decision making. Effective KPI data includes the following characteristics:

  1. Relevant.
  2. Impactful to your business.
  3. Balanced.
  4. Measures both short and long-term performance of your business.
  5. Can be understood clearly.
  6. Meaningful in terms of importance for everyone involved in the business.

You should only measure data that really matters and is meaningful to you and your business. This way, you can introduce required changes to your website and marketing strategies to be able to achieve your business goals. You need to analyze the goals of your company for the next few years, strategically. Then, analyze the operational and marketing goals of your company for the impending future. Finally, with a broader picture of your business in mind, you can spell out the KPIs for your presence online that are in tune with business requirements of your company.

Digital Marketing Trend: Go Mobile!

The use of social media is on the rise with consumers engaging with mobile brands on a daily basis. Business owners and marketers are capitalizing on this trend by producing apps that are entertaining and informational. These apps also include strong calls to action for persuading the users to make a product purchase or benefit the company in some way.

A mobile-friendly website is also more readable and immediately usable than its desktop version. In the US, an overwhelming majority of those who have smartphones search for local information on the latter. Therefore, the critical role mobile plays and will continue to play in your business can be hardly understated, whether you are blogging on your website or are selling products to prospective clients.

Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

While the creation of a marketing strategy for YouTube is time-tasking, it will help in marketing your videos suitably to attract the most relevant viewers repeatedly. You can get started by:

  1. Researching your own videos and the videos of your competitors for creating goals.
  2. Creating video topics with the marketing and content teams in your company.
  3. Determining the frequency of publishing your videos.
  4. Determining the number of channels and campaigns you intend to organize.

The above strategy can help you build a stronger following due to the consistency of your videos.

Getting New Clients for Your Online Transcription Services

You can gain more clients for your transcription services by:

  1. Participating actively on Facebook groups.
  2. Creating blogs that keep your ideal client in mind.
  3. Making your current client process more perfect to help you get more referrals.
  4. Replying to questions on Twitter.
  5. Working with clients that have a large and engaged audience.
  6. Being proactive on social media.
  7. Following up with prospects who have never purchased.
  8. Regularly following through with past clients.
  9. Creating an email list and being in the loop with your subscribers.
  10. Guest blogging on various other sites.
  11. Doing SEO in the right earnest.
  12. Being focused on your specific audience.
  13. Doing webinar hosting, if feasible.

Over to You

The above factors are some of the proven tactics that have helped many transcription business owners grow their business and prosper in a highly competitive industry. Implementing these while your business is still new will set you on course for brighter prospects ahead.

Do you know other online transcription business? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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