6 Ways Bloggers Can Use Influencer Marketing

6 Ways Bloggers Can Use Influencer Marketing


The people who have the power to make things happen are called influencers. They have the ability to invoke changes and spark changes even when people in other industries may have difficulty doing so. People tend to listen closely to an influencers’ opinion. Their suggestions are taken seriously and they rarely are second-guessed. The influencer has an ability to motivate, inspire and move people to action. As a blogger, the influencer is the person to whom you want to market.

Does it sound like an influencer is infallible? Sure they are because they’re human, but they’re outstanding individuals mainly because of the things they can get done. As bloggers, it’s important for us to connect to influential individuals who can help carry our message and share our vision. To really effectively do that, we must know how to go about performing influencer marketing techniques in a genuine manner.

Getting the attention of an influential person can be a task, especially if you don’t know how it is exactly that you’re supposed to do it. You probably won’t be able to easily find their contact information, even if they’re a well-known figure. They’re likely hard to get to, but if you know the right things to do, you can design an influencer marketing approach that will work wonderfully for your business goals. Here’s how:

1. Interact on their Blog. Take every available opportunity to become a part of what the influencer is doing on their blog. Subscribe to the blog and make it a habit to go there as frequently as possible (ideally, every day). Comment on posts that spark ideas in you and share those ideas with the readers. Ask questions if you have any AND provide answers to questions that other readers ask.

2. Connect Offline. Do you see the influencer at conferences or other blogging-related events? It’s another opportunity to connect with them and find a commonality between the two of you.

3. Social Media. Influencer marketing is incredibly beneficial when it’s organic and genuine. Take the initiative to tweet the person’s posts or write a Facebook status about them, but be sure to do it from a totally genuine perspective. Only go this route if you are really affected by something the influencer has written or shared.

4. Guest Blog. Ask and offer to write guest blog posts for influencers when you have something of value to share. If you have something that will benefit the influencer’s readers, be sure to sell that point to the influencer, but don’t overdo it. Don’t make every single post  a “valuable” one, but simply forward those posts that you know will be relevant to the influencer’s audience.

5. Blog Round-Ups. Aggregate content from various influencers in your industry and post them as a blog round-up. We practice doing this on the Blogdash.com blog and it has proven to be very motivating for our blog. Be sure to gather relevant blog topics and themes to do your round-up, and make sure to notify the influencer that you’ll be using your post in the round-up. This can be a very impressive move.

6. Interviews. Influencers are extremely busy people. so asking for an interview may not be easy to do. You can make the interview request easier by doing a little pre-homework: Gather as much information about the interviewee that you can find. Pose a list of questions, along with the answers that you were able to cull together and present this to the influencer. Throw in a couple of your own questions and you should have a very nice, informative interview to publish.

Remember, an influencer does not have to be a famous person. They don’t need to be well-known or have a lot of money. They’re simply a person in your respective industry who has a lot of influence and persuasion over the industry. An influencer is going to be someone who has the ability to affect other people’s opinions. They’re usually classified as the “go-to” industry person as they dole out advice, offer their opinions and forecast changes. Bloggers need to attach themselves to influencers in their industry in as many ways as possible for marketing benefits for all involved.

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