How Influential Bloggers Affect Customers

How Influential Bloggers Affect Customers

Influential Bloggers

I read a very interesting statistic this morning on the QuickSprout blog that I frequently read. Neil wrote in this post about the influence of blogs and how customers favor bloggers and their recommendations. It’s worth it to note that bloggers do in fact have a lot of influence in the blogging world, and that’s why it’s important for bloggers to create a space where they’re seen as professional influencers.

Sometimes, bloggers unfortunately think they’re writing only for themselves and that no one’s reading their blogs or taking them seriously. Other times, bloggers make the mistake of hopping from one idea to the next or not staying with a blogging topic long enough to develop a following. All of these instances are unfortunate for the professional blogger because there are customers and potential clients online that if targeted right, can be reached and converted.

One way bloggers can overcome this is to understand that they’re blogging on their particular topic because they are a professional or an influencer in their industry. Bloggers should always write and speak from a position of influence, especially if they are educated and passionate about their topic. This is why brands and corporations approach bloggers because they can see through their writing that they are well-versed and feel strongly about their subject matter.

Bloggers should also focus on being consistent and persistent about their blogging topic. It’s not good when the blogging community can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that a blogger is talking about. This does not mean solely in their posts, but also wherever their work or voice appears elsewhere online. This means that if a blogger is posting about travel or photography in one place and then somewhere else you find their work on technology or marketing somewhere else, it’s going to be hard to establish themselves as a true professional in any of those strong areas because they’re all so broad and strong. It’s best to focus strongly on one or two ideas in order to capture and secure your audience. It also helps potential clients determine if a blogger is a good fit for their brands.

Clients want to see true professionalism through a bloggers work. That’s how and why bloggers get approached to work with different brands, clients and corporations. They realize that the bloggers influential posts will shine through and reach customers that they would have otherwise not been able to with standard marketing or advertising.

Are you an influential blogger? Do you position yourself in your industry as a blogger who knows what they’re talking about and feels strongly about their topics? What would you do with your blog to create an even stronger influential presence online or in branding your blog?

I’d love to know what you think about Influential Bloggers. Either leave me a comment here or let’s talk about it on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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