Do You Even Influence?

Do You Even Influence?


By that, I mean do you have the ability to influence other people? Do you have something to say that would make other people want to listen to you?

Do you have that uncanny knack that lets you share your opinion, and as a result, people change their minds?

Do you have a particularly creative, unusual, poignant point of view that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Then you may be an influencer.

Last week, I wrote a post about influencer marketing and listed a few things about it that you can use as a blogger to make it work for you. Take a look at the list and see if there are some of the things you’re using in your marketing efforts. If not, try one or two of them to see if they would work for you.

Influential Writers

Bloggers and writers are also high-impact influencers, especially if they’re passionate about and knowledgeable on their particular topic. Think about it: isn’t there one (or more) particular blogger that you refer to when you want to really know about something? I’m sure every blogger has a mental reference directory they use when they’re looking for solid information on a topic.

No matter the topic, there are specialized bloggers in every area and industry. There are some bloggers who blog as a hobby and others as professionals, but both sets still have influencers. The ability to influence others is not predicated on whether or not the blogger is compensated. It depends on how they deliver their message.

But as a professional blogger, you also have the ability to influence people. That influence may be in either a negative or a positive way, through blog and comments interaction, by changing their minds, their thought patterns, by motivating them or enlightening them. There are limitless ways you can position yourself as a blogger influencer.

Blog Commenting

When visitors make comments on your blogs posts, do you ever go back to the comments section and interact with them? Do you ever read their comments and then visit their site as well? Do you think interacting with comments is a necessary action for busy bloggers?

Blog commenting is very effective. It lets the readers know that you’re actually reading their comments and that you want to interact with them. It sends the message that you’re actually an active, interested part of your site and you’re there for a reason. Readers may sometimes judge a blog based on how much the blogger interacts with the readers.

Reader Interaction

As a blogger, I hope that you do interact with your visitor comments on your site. Why? Because interacting is a very important and necessary part of making your blog successful. Readers likely came upon your site or blog post while doing a Google search or from a referral. Either way, they’re on your site, taking the time to read your posts. That’s a big deal, especially since there are thousands and thousands of sites online that you’re competing against.

Interacting through the comments section does a lot for a blogger’s site AND it does a lot for your marketing efforts. It lets readers know that you’re actually present and active on the site. It lets them know that you’re interested in what other people think of your blog and their opinions. Yes, you’re probably very, very busy as a blogger, but attention to the details of managing your blog can reward you with big dividends in the end.

What are some other things you can do as an influencer to market your blog? Who are some of the bloggers you view as influencers?

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