Bloggers Who Are “In the Know” About Your Industry

Bloggers Who Are “In the Know” About Your Industry


What’s the best way to spread news about your company? It’s to find and connect with bloggers who are knowledgeable and experienced in your industry.

Bloggers, both popular (in their circles) and well-known can do a lot to increase your company’s brand awareness and bring attention to your cause. Their ability to ignite interest in your brand is a result of hard work, yes, but it’s also a result of being social influencers and finding an appeal with your product or service that they want to share with their audience.

A social influencer, a popular blogger or a media-savvy blogger are all very knowledgeable on a given subject. And what they may lack in time or experience, they make up for with stellar researching and social skills. This means for the blogger who may not have as much time blogging as another, is able to connect with and find resource materials that are both effective and productive. Their opinions are respected, highly valued and sought after first, sometimes even over the opinions of the more seasoned influencers. How is that? It’s mainly because of how their information presentation or their online charisma affects their readers. Readers want to like bloggers, and when bloggers give them a good enough reason, those readers will stay loyal for life.

Now what happens as a result of that bloggers’ savvy connections and charm is that those readers will quite often share what that blogger has blogged about. If the blogger suggests trying a new product, readers are more inclined to do so simply at the request of the influencer. What about the blogger’s opinion on a new software release or answering a question about the latest technological advancements? Experienced and knowledgeable bloggers affect their audiences by providing their own opinions,research, interpretation and understanding. And all of that is what makes their readers come back to their blogs for more, and share their articles as well.

And just where do those readers share that blogger’s articles?

On their own social networks, of course! That would mean places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest (as well as countless others) are going to see the original blogger’s article There’s a possibility that those second level readers will even share the article further, or, they may heed the advice of the blogger and go buy/read/vote/share or whatever action is asked of them.

Bloggers are very influential, especially if you find and connect with the heavy influencers in your industry. They’re able to bring awareness, change opinions, shed light and perhaps even offer an alternative method to something that’s standard. All companies need an arsenal of bloggers in their corner.

Where’s yours?

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