8 Effective Tricks to Gain More Twitter Followers

8 Effective Tricks to Gain More Twitter Followers

Gain More Twitter Followers

Just like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is a powerful and popular social media platform used all across the world. With only 280 characters; you can connect with many users from all over.

Twitter, similarly to other social media platforms, the following base is acquainted. Growing a following in any social media platform can be absolutely frustrating, am I right? We all know you need more followers to be considered as an influencer in our industry; so how can you grow your Twitter followers?

No need for frustration; today, we will be sharing with you 8 effective ways to grow your Twitter followers.

1. Post at Good Times

First and foremost, it’s important you are posting at a reasonable time. Early mornings, lunchtime and after work is typically the best times to post for most people. The best time according to research states that the times between 3 PM to 1 AM is the optimal time to share on social media, with social traffic being at its highest in the late afternoon.

If you are just setting up your Twitter account from scratch, start posting at random times to figure out what times work best for your brand. Once you start doing this, your Twitter account should start analyzing the best times to post.

2. Tweet More Often

One of the best tactics of growing a Twitter account is to share more often. The more you share, the more followers you get. And just because of these reasons: you become more practiced and effective at tweeting, you’re more active and can interact with more people, and you have a larger volume of valuable tweets for people to interact with.

According to some data, a right amount of tweet per day is anywhere between three and seven tweets to maximize engagement. Some brands even tweet as often as 15 or 20 times per day. When you tweet, make sure it’s not only about you, reposting or retweeting other posts such as relevant industry articles, buzzworthy stats, breaking news, etc. also is a great way to get noticed.

3. Harness Your Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to make your tweets searchable, almost as a form of SEO for your Twitter account. According to research, tweets with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than those without them. (Yes, that makes sense).

Hashtags are a way for people who are also searching for those hashtags to easily find you – and possibly giving you some new followers to your account. So for example, if you were posting about “How to Gain Followers on Twitter,” you can include quick hashtags such as #GrowYourFollowing #GainFollowers.

These are standard hashtags to include at the end of your tweet to get the audience you want. Place hashtags accordingly to your tweet.

You could also use popular trending hashtags such as #MotivationMonday or #tbt and share some related tweets regarding those hashtags. Additionally, you can piggyback on event-based hashtags as well (example: sporting events, awards shows, etc.)

4. Be Positive!

Of course, sharing positivity is the best way to gain more Twitter followers to your account. Why be negative, anyway? In some data, it states that people are much more likely to share positive content, especially when it connects to emotions such as curiosity, amazement, interest, astonishments, and uncertainty. Always stay positive, don’t go negative – who wants to hear negative thoughts anyways??!

5. Post More Visual Content

We, humans, are very visual people, so you can probably assume tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those without them. While there’s nothing wrong to post solely text-based tweets, images are better poised to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your post.

Even something as simple as a colorful image posted with a link to your blog post works great or posts that include GIFs or memes are a great option. On top of all, Infographics are shared three times more often than any other type of image on Twitter. Get creative, and test out a few tweets with various kinds of visual content to figure out what works best for you.

6. Optimize Your Profile

We live in a very “bot” world (filled with thousands of spammers on Twitter today) – so you better believe it’s important that brands need to do everything to prove they are human. In addition to a diverse content strategy, here are ways to optimize your profile.

  • Relevant Profile and Cover Photo: The first step to optimizing your profile is to make sure you have a clean, high-resolution logo for your profile photo and relevant cover photo.
  • Relevant Tags, Industry Keywords and Location Information: Like most social media apps, you only get a few seconds time frame window for people to decide if they want to follow you or not, so be strategic and make good use out of this strategy! When you set up a profile, make sure it’s complete, meaning you are describing what you do, your title, what companies you work with and where you operate.
  • A Taste of Your Personality: Easily share a sense of who you are to your community!

7. Find and Research Followers Within Your Network

A great way to easily increase your following base is by syncing your contact list to Twitter so that it helps you tap into your existing network of people most likely to follow you. When you sync your contacts on Twitter, you can see who is on it, and allowing your account to be visible under the suggested “Who to Follow” section.

If your contact list is big, this could be a big whammy for you, as you can score a lot of new followers with very little work on your part. Another great way is to research similar accounts in your network and tweet to them or reply to their tweets.

8. Get on the Daily Trends Wagon

Trending topics such as Man Crush Monday, Flashback Friday or Motivation Monday are very popular trends to tweet about on social media. Though your brand may not fit all of these categories, there are specifics like quotes or humor you can use no matter your industry.

For instance, if your brand is related to digital content marketing, sharing a motivational marketing quote with your followers at the start of each week could be valuable and possibly the next trending tweet!

Hope you have learned from this post. If you have any question, please feel free to post it below.

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