Want to Increase your site DA and get Exposure with BlogDash?

Want to Increase your site DA and get Exposure with BlogDash?

BlogDash is Accepting Guest Posts

If you are looking for post your article within BlogDash, please know we are accepting guest posts. But before submitting your article, we have compiled a list of guidelines to make sure that your post matches our readers’ needs:

Be on topic! This means that your article must be related to the Digital World. You can write an article about Bloggers vs Brands relationship and/or blogger outreach and/or link building and/or SEO and/or Content Marketing, etc…

No promo: Your article should be done for the audience and MUST NOT read like an advertorial or promotional post. 

Give value. When people read your article, will it help them to market their brands better? Will readers learn something new from it?

Be original: Your article must be original and not be published anywhere else. Also, it must be well-written and well-researched.

Photos: to make your article more eyes catching, add images that match with the article’s topic.

Be known: Your article should come with your name and a short bio (1-2 sentences). This way, readers will know you better and can follow you. You can add your blog and/or social media links to the article as well. However, in order to adhere to Google’s guidelines for guest blogging, articles that are clearly intended as a link-building scheme will be rejected.

Get benefices: Did you know there are several benefits to writing a guest post and contributing to someone else’s blog? Here the most common ones:

  • you can instantly increase your following,
  • the opportunities for engagement drastically increase,
  • you get quality traffic,
  • this is an excellent way to build relationships within the blogging community,
  • make connections with expert writers in your industry,
  • increase your blog Domain authority.
  • And many more …

If you want to know more about how guest posts can be beneficial for you, please check out this article Submit Guest Posts to BlogDash’s Blog.

Are you ready to submit your article? Email us: blogging @ blogdash.com.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Author: Hi, I’m Ana Maria De La Cruz, a Content Marketing Specialist. I help businesses with their Content Marketing Strategy by creating relevant content for their blogs to create engagement with their audience, building domain and search engine authority through Link Building, and increasing exposure and building larger brand awareness through Blogging Outreach. Need help? Let me know.

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BlogDash Team
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