Understanding How Air Conditioning Works

Understanding How Air Conditioning Works

Air Conditioning

To feel comfortable in your room, it is important that you have an air conditioning unit that is fully functional. For most homeowners, all they know about their air conditioning unit is to turn it on and to turn it off. Without knowledge on how things work, it is possible to sustain unnecessary wear and tear on your air con. It is important for every owner to have a basic knowledge on what is found on your air conditioning unit. This way, you understand how air con works, and also avoid things that could wear down its parts faster than it should.

Fundamental Parts of an Air Conditioning Unit


One of the most fundamental parts of an air conditioning unit is the compressor. The compressor is among the most expensive parts in your unit. It functions by allowing refrigeration gas to pass through the condenser. In order to maintain the desired temperature, the compressor switches on and off to cycle the refrigeration gas according to the air conditioning unit’s setting.

How do you take care of the compressor? One of the simplest ways on how to take care of the compressor is by waiting for at least 10 seconds when you turn on the air conditioning unit before cranking up the thermostat. This way, you decrease probability of electrical fluctuations that could damage this part of the air con. This is also the reason why having a timer and a voltage regulator can come in handy in preserving the air con’s compressor.


The condenser is another main component of your air conditioning unit. It is composed of both heating and cooling coils responsible for the process for cooling the refrigerant vapor, thus the name condenser. In this part of the air conditioning unit, this is where the hot air is expelled out of the system, while the cold air is used to maintain the desired temperature in your room.

In order to maintain the condenser, you have to make sure that you always attach the filter of your air conditioning unit. This prevents the dust from getting to the condenser fins. Also, what you want to do is to let the air con cleaning professionals handle the cleaning process. They make use of the chemicals with the right pH to get rid of the dirt. One of the most common mistakes is to use harsh chemicals that could potentially deform the fins which would require replacement. Also, if you are not careful handling the aircon during servicing, it is possible to damage the cooling fins which would require combing.


Lastly, you have the fans. If you will look at how air conditioning units operate, it could be separated into two functions. You have parts that move air (in and out), and the parts that cools the air that comes in. During auto mode, the fan will usually just turn on when the cooling parts are also running. On the other hand, if the fan is in “on” mode, it runs continuously regardless if the compressor is running or not. It is not a good idea to always use the “on” mode because not only does it add up to the wear and tear of the fan, but it also increases the usage in electricity.

Once you purchase an air conditioning unit, basic knowledge of its parts and how it works can come in handy. Here, you’ll know the simplest methods on how to get the most of your unit. You can give the unit a few extra years, and this could help you save money in the long run.


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