Top 7 Things to Discuss with Web Developer Before Initiating Any Project

Top 7 Things to Discuss with Web Developer Before Initiating Any Project

Being a customer, if you really want to have a website, web application, e-commerce website, then you need to hire an experienced and well-qualified web developer or designer. It is because they are key individuals to look after your project from start to finalization. They will design your website on the basis of your expectations and instructions. However, they will also put their skills and wisdom to make it contemporary so that it can fulfil the current business requirements. Whether you want to create a new website or redesign your existing website, you need to discuss a few important things with your developer before starting your project.  The communication with your developer will help you to obstruct problems like:

  • No communication
  • Less communication
  • Unachieved targets
  • High expectations
  • Pre-determined strategies
  • Wrongly interpreted choices

Fails in troubleshooting of technical issues

The connection between a client and a service provider company must be intense because both are incomplete without each other. It is important to eliminate the above-mentioned things by having long term business relationships of clients and developers. Things which needs to be followed for the better understanding of a project and success of the business

Significance of Communication

You must communicate with your web developer constantly; however, communication should not be excessive or rare. You must know what is going on in your project and always make sure that everything is happening only after your consent. A smart developer or designer will keep you up to date about your project development so that you can finalize things instantly and the process doesn’t get delayed due to final approval and modification from your side.

Handling the project

While working on your project, management and communication must be amalgamated and amicable.  We are saying this thing because your time and website developer time is valuable and you don’t want to invest a large chunk of time to analyze project, updates, development, options, designing themes, error fixing and all that. Make sure that your website developer or website designer is getting everything that he requires from your side and you also need to be clear about your objectives so that developers can complete them flawlessly.

Analyzing development and reports

While analyzing the development process few things needs be kept in your mind is

Who has finalized the design or made the final decision?

Is there any involvement of the UI/UX design team?

Is any additional person also involved in the process and decision making?

Is there any marketing team or manager is involved in analyzing the decisions?

Who is the key person to give instruction to the developer or development team?

Is there any possibility of direct communication with the developer?

It is very significant to restore every development and decision on a unified destination in order to determine the upcoming marketing and development approach on the basis of business goals and expectations

Implementing decisions by developer

Sometimes the website gets technical glitches that you cannot solve on your own, so in that case, you need to leave everything to your website designer and website developer for the enhanced outcome. You need to tell your needs and then allow them to work on different activities such as

  • Pixel precision
  • Designing a responsive design
  • Making website user-friendly and search engine friendly
  • Understanding web design
  • Slow speed and loading time issue
  • Animation and transitions updates

Deadline estimation

Before working in any project you need to discuss the short and maximum timelines. When website design is completed, most of the website developer doesn’t entertain the client properly which is a wrong approach. So there must be a proper contract about all these issues and points in the development procedure. It is important to be transparent with your developer and have faith in him to accomplish the project accordingly.

Payment Structure

You need to discuss and tell below-mentioned things to avoid any irregularities in future

  • The total cost of the whole project
  • The deadline for project submission
  • Objectives of the project
  • Scope of the project
  • How and when will be complete payment will be done
  • Costing of the project at an hourly based or a fixed amount?


Follow these instructions to have fruitful engagement and work relationship with your web designer and web developer to get the utmost business output. If you have any comment, please use the comments box below.

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