Top 4 Video Creation and Marketing Trends in 2020

Top 4 Video Creation and Marketing Trends in 2020

When it comes to marketing, videos can help in building brand awareness by telling your brand’s story to your viewers. Depending on the message that you send across, you can easily attract the audience that believes in what your brand stands for. And, if they like what you sell, you will be able to filter out your customers at the very root. With video content, you can explain a lot more compared to any other media.

And, in order to get the best out of your video campaigns, here are 4 video marketing trends that might want to consider:

Staying Up-to-Date with Technology – 360 Degree Videos

Videos are only progressing. Once upon a time, it was only video and no audio; then it was audio-visual media and then the quality went up to FHD. 3D and drones were introduced and now it is about 360-degree videos. 360-degree videos are a huge trend and can be seen on various social media platforms. It changes the entire experience and is way more immersive than traditional media practices. So, it is best to not skip out on these video marketing opportunities and make the best of what technology has to offer. Considering the way videos are progressing, it won’t be a very wise marketing move to turn a blind eye towards it.

Engaging in Real-Time – Going Live

Live videos are a great way to engage with your audience in real-time. For a customer, it is important to know that they can reach out to you, the brand, and when the need arises. But, that’s not all! It is also very comforting for your customers to know that they are not dealing with bots but rather actual people. Also, everyone likes to be treated as more than an ATM machine. It is good for your customers to know that they are actually valued as people by your brand. Hence, live videos are a very nice way to interact with the audience at a very raw level without sets and makeup. It doesn’t even have to be about the product/service all the time.

Connecting at a Very Human-Level – Storytelling

A good story never gets old. While building a YouTube marketing video for your brand, try and say more than just what the product or service is. If your customers can connect with what you have to say, and what your brand stands for, they will remember it.

Marketing is all about informing people about a product or service. But, if you have been noticing the trends recently, product details alone don’t increase sales. What sells is the belief and the feeling of standing for something more. It could be the environment, it could be donating for a child’s education, it could be about making time for family, or re-living the tradition. People know that every time they buy an organic product, they are helping save the environment. They clearly understand the need of the hour, so try to communicate it well through your video content.

Self-Explanatory Videos

Most of the time, people will be engaging with your videos while scrolling through their social media feed. Their mobile phones are the usual choice of device to do so. Hence, there is a good chance that they will be watching their feed with the sound off. This is exactly why you need to make videos that are either self-explanatory or with subs.

Social media is where brands can engage with their audience on a regular basis. This makes it important for them to have videos as an impeccable part of their marketing strategy along with making them self-explanatory for better communication.

Author Bio: Ankita Sharma is a digital marketing expert working in Techmagnate a reputed digital marketing agency. She Loves To Write About Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Designing.

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About Ankita Sharma

Ankita Sharma is a digital marketing expert working in Techmagnate. She loves To Write About Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Designing.