Tips to Build a WordPress Site on A Budget

Tips to Build a WordPress Site on A Budget

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Are you looking for the cheapest way to build a great WordPress site? Great! You are at the right place. In this post, we are going to disclose a few tips that will help you start your own WordPress site on a budget. 

Domain Name

This is a very first step that you will need to take to create a WordPress site. Most domain name registrars charge almost the same for a .com domain name extension i.e. ($10 to $14 for a year). However, you can save on it by following the tips given below.

– There are many WordPress hosting providers that offer free domain name for the first year. For example, Bluehost and SiteGround allow you to register one domain name for free.

– Search for discount and promotional coupon code on Google. You never know you may get a huge discount up to 50% sometimes.

– Always buy a domain name for a longer period. Usually, we see most domain registrar charges high renewal fee.


Hosting providers

Web hosting is a service that lets a website place its data on their server. In short, web hosting enables users to publish a website on the internet. Once you have chosen a domain name and registrar, your next would be choosing a hosting service.

Note: you can buy them together.

Tips to save money on WP hosting 

-If you are a small business owner or a hobbyist blogger, you can start with free or budget-friendly hosting plans. There are many good hosting providers offer free hosting for WordPress platform. For example,, Byethost, X10 hosting, AwardSpace, etc.

-Shared hosting which is a basic hosting service is also a good option for small businesses.

-Buy hosting from providers offer all the services needed by WP (WordPress) so that you don’t need to buy them separately.

-Black Friday, Cyber Monday are those special days when almost every hosting provider offers great discounts. So, wait for these days if you can.

-Since in the beginning, you won’t require that many features it is better you drop them. For example, SSL certificate, data back, Advanced SEO features can be dropped until your site has good content.

Install WordPress

This is going to be your 3rd step and trickiest one too. After all, you will need to create a database and link it up with the config.php file. Good news is nowadays most hosting providers are coming with one click WP installer that you can use right from your hosting account’s control panel.  So, find out such providers.

This way you don’t need to hire any professional to install WordPress.



The theme is the biggest expense when creating a WordPress site. Remember that, most elegant WP themes cost between $45 to $250.

Luckily, WP is a user-friendly platform you won’t need to hire a professional to install a WP theme even if you are a little tech savvy. Look for resources that guide how to install the theme. Below are some other tips to save money on a theme.

-Look for a responsive WordPress theme that makes your site looks perfect on both desktop and mobile devices. This way you won’t need to spend extra dollars to grab the attention of your mobile users.

– If you are running a business that must be promoted in multiple countries and cultures, make sure you choose a translation ready theme. It will save your money that you are going to spend on hiring translation services.

-If your requirements are not that much advance or you are in the beginning phase you can start with free WordPress themes available in their theme repository.

Final Words

Building a website on WordPress is affordable if you are smart enough. In this blog post, we made you familiar with tips and tricks that can help you save some bucks on buying a domain name, hosting, and a theme for a WordPress site.

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