The Truth about Making Money Online that Nobody Wants You to Know

The Truth about Making Money Online that Nobody Wants You to Know

Make money online while you sleep.

That’s the ultimate dream, right?

Make tons of money, while you live in your pajamas, no worries about dragging your butt out for office, no getting stuck in traffic and no listening to the orders and demands of someone else.

Ahh… what a life!

But is it actually possible?

Or is it just a myth?

That’s the basis of this article.

So, hold tight to your seats as we go on and uncover some surprising, cool and unfathomable truths about making money online –

Truth #1: It’s not a Part-Time thing

At least not at the beginning.

A lot of people say –

I’ll open a side-business online.

After a few months, these are the same people who say –

Don’t waste your time. It’s just a scam.

Look, building something takes time.

And making money online is no different.

It takes time and effort on your part.

You can’t just start on Day 1 and expect to be rich within a week.

It takes time.

And a lot of effort.

Truth #2: It’s about Skills

A lot of people think –

Oh… I got good grades in school. Online business is an easy thing for me.

These are the same people who will again say –

Don’t waste your time. It’s just a scam.

While the reality is, it requires skills to make money online.

Skills like –

  • Speaking
  • Closing
  • Copywriting
  • Scaling
  • Traffic
  • Branding
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Referrals
  • Webinars
  • Consulting

Now, I have seen a lot of Entrepreneurs, who mastered 3-4 of these skills, went on to make well over 6-figures/month and then hire specialists in each of these categories to scale their businesses to over 8-figures.

And those specialists also make around the 6-figures mark.

So, until you’ve done mastery in at least one of these skills, don’t be quick to judge if something is a scam or not.

How do I master these skills, Shak? – you ask.

It’s simple. Invest your time and money.

In reading books, watching courses and going to seminars.

Truth #3: You can’t become a millionaire overnight

Ahh… I really hate those overnight success stories.

There are no secrets or recipes to success be it offline or online.

You have to work your butt off if you’re ever going to succeed.

That’s the only secret.

You want to actually know what’s a scam? It’s this –

Become a millionaire overnight.

Anything that promises overnight success isn’t real.

Other than that, everything else is fine. (Obviously you’ll have to put in the work).

Truth #4: It’s not a Dream. It’s actually REAL

I know…i know.

Your question –

Can you actually make money while you sleep or live in your pajamas and work from your home and make a sh*t ton of money?


You can.

But it all requires a system.

You need a fool-proof system to pull money day in and day out.

But for that, you need a lot of skills and time.

Once you’ve built a system, then the dream is actually REAL.

It’s possible.

Truth #5: It requires Investment

A lot of people ask me –

Shak, can I build a website for FREE?

Shak, can I use an autoresponder for FREE?

And I’m like… Are you serious?

Listen if you don’t invest money into your business, chances are that 99% of the times you’re going to FAIL.

You will need to set up a corporation, hire a lawyer, purchase a domain name, get hosting, etc…

Even though you can delay some of the necessaries to begin.

But eventually overtime, you’ll need all of that.

And that requires investment.

After that… you’ll need to put more money into your business as well, to make more money.

So, again. It’s not a FREE thing.

That’s it.

Those were the 5 truths you needed to know before you decide going online.


It’s not a fairytale.

But, you can do it.

And one more thing you can do (which I would love) is leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this article.

I read and reply to every comment.


About Author: Shakir Jamal is a professional Internet Marketer and blogger who helps ambitious men and women build profitable blogs and replace their 9-5 rat race income with a laptop passive income.

You can contact Shakir on TheBlogIncubator

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