Selenium Clearly Tops the List of the Most Widely Used Testing Tools

Selenium Clearly Tops the List of the Most Widely Used Testing Tools


Selenium has established a place for itself when it comes to the best testing tools used around the world. One of the mega reasons leading to the high adoption rate of Selenium is the fact that the tool gets evolved as per the demands of the market.

Though, free open source testing programs, be it Selenium or any other have never been more famous as they are now. As per some of recent reports, about the open source canary testing tools which are launched by Google and Netflix clearly exhibits that the market has an interestingly growing appetite for automated testing. Though, the requirement of such type of open source testing tools yet to be accepted in a full-fledged manner.

Open Source Testing Tools

Undoubtedly, there do lye a plenty of unwanted pitfalls for the imprudent when it comes to selecting the open source testing tools, probably the most significant being is the need to be clear about the major difference between ‘Open Source’ tools and ‘Free’ tools. A clear definition which rightfully defines both of these distinctively is still not found. Though, there are masses of ‘free’ tools which are not actually open source and this may be an unwanted discovery – too late – if not verified at the right time.

Open source tools majorly should have been peer verified a method which eradicates all the key vulnerabilities and oversights. It also clearly highlights all the commercial biases in the outcomes that they generate. Irrespective of laboring the point, the features of the tools will surely have a noteworthy impact on the quality of the results. Therefore, the quality of the end product will also be affected by the quality of the tool. This fact is certainly one of the reasons which compelled Microsoft to launch the groundbreaking IntelliCode feature recently. It is specifically devised to allow the developers “code with much more confidence” by offering much needed Artificial Intelligence assisted code development help.

One of the other significant elements that come in the way of picking an open source program is due diligence – user reports, licensing as well as any prior bug rectifications should also be systematically verified before committing time as well as the effort to any of the open source tools. Also, the testing community is also a wonderful indicator – as a plenty of the good tools have a huge and friendly open source community. The support of the community is sure to prove priceless whenever any problem arises.

Selenium – Most Widely used Tool 

Now, when it comes to Selenium, it not only enjoys a huge community, but there are a plenty of resources that are available online for the users to seek answers. This is just one of the reasons that make Selenium one of the best open source tools in the market at present.

Selenium as we know is a suite of tools which basically enables the users to automate the testing process web apps. It consists of Selenium WebDriver, which is by far the most extensively used tool for testing when it comes to browser test automation. Also, it is used to drive a browser as if it was a user also, it can be run locally on the computer.

Selenium Grid enables the users to easily run Selenium WebDriver testing even on remote workstations for parallel performance on multiple computers with dissimilar browsers installed. Also, one of the mega benefits of using Selenium WebDriver as opposed to the other UI automation tools is that the user can very easily jot down the automated tests in a wide range of supported programming languages, including PHP, Java, C#, Ruby and even Python.

Though there are certainly a host of open source testing tools and choices out there in the market but choosing the best one is what turns out to beneficial for the company. The users have to make sure that a tool that fits in with the testing regime that you follow should be adopted.

Last Words 

Though, finding the right tool may require some amount of time and effort. But, Selenium has undoubtedly come out as a best open source tool for a huge number of firms across the globe. People choose Selenium Testing Services as it allows them to not only test on a variety of browsers but also allows the users to seek help from a huge community.  Therefore, you choice of the best open source testing tool should comprise of only well-supported and reliable options, and Selenium is surely one of the most trusted ones in the market at present.

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