Read Why IoT has the Keys for Governing Business Productivity in 2020?

Read Why IoT has the Keys for Governing Business Productivity in 2020?

Business Productivity

IoT can be termed as a network-integrated object through which an individual can access information relevant to its environment. In this digital era, we are actually surrounded by IoT concepts everywhere, the thing is we are not noticing it. Right from your internet controlled AC to the GPS tracking device installed on your car which you will be using for going to the office every day are internet-connected for providing a better service that can ease your life. This is IoT implementation at the very closest encounter. Today when we are experiencing automation at its peak. IoT is helping in taking it to every business productivity.

We were using this kind of interface through the internet platform and now we have just named it to be IoT. Providing on-demand information or automated processing done on some triggering causes is the main feature of this technology which can easily be operated remotely through internet connectivity. The algorithm which is embedded in the device helps them to sense its surrounding environment and act accordingly. It has great efficiency in monitoring resources and keeping the work environment intact with the expected results along with HR Software. For you business productivity, It is always better to rely on functional digital devices than on human interventions.

IoT in the Daily Life of HR & Benefits

We as humans are relying on automation technology for everything and when it comes to health and work we need to modernize it for better monitoring of the same. This disruption needs to be understood by the companies who are dealing with employee management for better work-related environment creation. The manual intervention is outdated and also input from humans will soon be, with the open arms welcoming of AI and IoT in every sector the interaction has gone from keystrokes to voice-enabled and gesture oriented. HR can solve complex problems through mining data from various IoT based devices.

Accurate Recruitment through Simulators

The most crucial function of HR personnel is to recruit the relevant resources according to the company’s working culture demands that will be satisfying the need of the most adequate personnel to work on the solution. As technology has evolved we are now featured with the simulation technologies that out-brings the inner calibre of the candidate which is being interviewed in the perfect pressurized scenarios and the decisions which are made by the candidate in the same. This is being mostly used in a business which is oriented towards medical, military, navy or air-force recruitment that needs to hire extremely mentally and physically durable candidate.

Internal and External Integration

No matter your employee is working in house or on-field the company will be precisely monitoring the contribution which is made by him/her towards productivity accomplishment of the assigned task. GPS devices and mobile services are used to track the real-time location of the employee continuously for the higher authority to provide them with guidance. Internal management can be done through AI-based CCTV cameras which can identify faces more accurately than manual monitoring and generate the productive hours which are spent on the desk rather in extra curriculum activities. This leaves a company to observe no time theft on-premises and off-premises.

Performance Impact – Mental and Physical Health

Advance companies are very much concerned regarding their employee’s mental and physical health. This is tracked through the health bands which are monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and various other variables that are sent to the centralized server for observing which employees or departments are being stressed out to observe fatigue in the work. This helps in taking precautions that are appreciated by the employees for the company which takes care of them, ultimately it will help in long-term contribution towards the retention of employees. Humans are the greatest resource a company can own and maintaining them is their social and moral responsibility.

Tracking Presence for Business Productivity

Employee physical presence tracking is a procedure that justifies the variable of attendance which is crucial in payroll software processing. Every premise of the office is being embedded with punching portals through which centralized cloud servers are tracking what exact amount of employees time is being spent in server rooms, their working desk, gymnasiums, canteen or playground. It also helps in billing for extra activities and food perks which is provided to the workforce and adjusted in their salary structure. This kind of service is mostly used in MNCs where the number of workforces is higher and not feasible for the HR department to manually monitor each resource.

Flexibility in the Working Environment

When devices like biometric-enabled laptops and digitally signed encrypted memory storage are being provided to the employees they can work according to their flexible hours by staying at any given place and maintaining the data integrity with the company’s policy. The days are long when the organization has to worry about their data theft which is possible when the employee is working from off-premises. Now when living in an era dominated by cloud technologies there is no possibility for any unauthorized access to get into the foreign system.

Competitive Work-Space

Leader-boards..!! These things tend to be most motivating while bringing a competitive work-space in the office culture. An integrated indication that is visible to all the employees for their quality performance which will be shown to all the staff will keep a great level of motivation. As the employee will be concerned regarding their score’s visibility to all their subordinates, they will be working hard enough to beat their previous performance. The small disruption in such an IoT based device will be leaving a great hike in quality and quantity improvement. 

Easy HR Management and Assistance – ESS

IoT baked up the software side of advance assistance which is done through portal released for employee’s self-serving capabilities and reducing the role-playing of HR in repetitive and monotonous activities which are a great barrier in leveraging the HR department for strategy making, policy formulation, and risk avoidance. The things which are contributed by the IoT disruption may seem small but their implementation leaves a considerable amount of impact on the overall performance and service delivery. Employees’ time gets saved through the 24 X 7 assistance provided through mobile technology and other means of communication.

Conclusion about Business Productivity and IoT

A tsunami of IoT technology has flourished every business around the world with its benefits and usability to derive information from 360 degree integrated devices that are interconnected with every person’s behaviour and its pattern recognition. If you claim your business to be modernized make sure to have a great vision towards adopting and making use of trending technology that will be helpful in beating out the competition in the respective business domain.

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