Guest Blogging

My Love for Travel

I love to travel. I love thinking about it, reading about it, doing it and then reliving it all through photo’s when I come back. I must be one of the only people left who still prints out photo’s, puts them in an album and labels them. They know me well at the camera shop. And then it’s onto planning the ... Read More »

Last Minute Checklist While Home Shifting

When was the last time you shifted your entire home to the current location from the previous one? It surely must have been some years now since you have been residing in the location at present and over a period of time, you have developed an attachment with it and made up your mind one fine day that you would ... Read More »

Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the kitchen may seem like something hard to some people, but it doesn’t really need to be that way. You can do your cleaning fairly easily by preparing for it ahead of time and dealing with the cleaning one step at a time. You need to do this on a regular basis, and then you will have far less ... Read More »

Why Should You Upgrade iOS 8.1 for Your iPhone?

Blogger Outreach

Here is a guest post written by one of our Technology bloggers from Doodleblue. If you’re interested in guest blogging for Blogdash, read about our submission policy or contact us with any questions you have.  ________________________ Apple – the biggest player in the software and application development business -released the second major and much awaited iOS 8 update. Since its release back ... Read More »

Be a Guest Blogger on Blogdash

Many bloggers don’t fully understand the long-term benefits of guest blogging. Too often, it’s viewed as a “free” post or a give-a-way post that they’ll never reap any rewards from. That’s not true. Guest blogging is not at all a new concept, but understanding the benefits of guest blogging may help bloggers appreciate and grasp what it can do for ... Read More »

Bloggers Needed!

We have a current need for experienced bloggers in multiple areas. If you are an experienced blogger in any of the following areas, we need you right away. We have clients who are very specific with the type of bloggers they want. Here are the types of bloggers we need: Customer Service Customer Experience Customer Engagement Customer Support Contact Center ... Read More »

How to Make Blogging Opportunities Come to You

When clients pitch to you, you want those pitches to be interesting, fun, well-paid and ongoing ones, if possible. You want to establish a relationship with the business that will make them request your blogging services again and again, right? Well, a part of what makes this work so well and in your favor is how you work your blog ... Read More »