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Easy Way to Setup WordPress Email Logs

WordPress Email Logs

Most people who are in prominent and busy organizations need to Easy Way to Setup WordPress Email Logs in their WordPress to keep records and tracks of emails sent from their website. WordPress Development enables you to use a form called “Notification” that you will find in your form builder. It automatically routes an email alert when a form gets ... Read More »

Top 8 Python Web Development Frameworks to Learn in 2020

Python Web Development Frameworks

Frameworks make developers lives much easier by providing them with a structure for application development. By automating the implementation of common solutions, frameworks cut development time and allow developers to concentrate greatly on application logic instead of routine elements. Since Python is one of the leading programming languages, there is no scantiness of frameworks. In this article, we will be ... Read More »

7 mistakes you should avoid in your next email outreach campaign

Any well-established blogger will tell you that the most effective way of gaining organic traffic and getting conversions is  doing email outreach campaign. However, there are common pitfalls that can lead you down a spiral of no replies and gain you nothing but frustration. If you are a newbie, your messages will often be ignored when you reach out. This ... Read More »

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies you must follow in 2020

Digital marketing strategies

In 2020, businesses should look towards creating better brands in 2020. The normal digital marketing strategies such as conversion rate optimization, social media, and Role of SEO will have its greater impact. However, marketers will pay more attention to mobile marketing more than ever before. Here are some of the digital marketing strategies that will matter most in 2020. Big ... Read More »

6 Ways Modern Technology is Helping Various Industrial Sectors to Advance

Modern Technology

Ever since people started doing business, the successful use of modern technology was one of the most important driving factors behind the success of companies that were reasonable enough to take notice of these breakthrough concepts. These days, at the very beginning of 2020, things are very similar. The only major thing that did change is the depth and frequency of ... Read More »

SEO Mistakes Because Of Which You Lose Money

SEO Mistakes

SEO Mistakes Search engine optimization or SEO is a tricky thing. You should always watch out for pitfalls in order not to lose traffic, get penalized, or find yourself with yet another bunch of problems. Here are some of the SEO mistakes because of which you can lose money. Optimizing Anchors Optimized anchor text has gone out of fashion and ... Read More »

Here’s How You Should Use Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is an essential element that makes content marketing strategy a breeze. Businesses, preferably startups, opt for guest blogging to get a better reputation in the SEO realm, where all marketing practices are directed towards generating high-quality results, increased website traffic, and lead generation. Therefore, guest blogging can be a great tactic to get optimized SEO results. Around, 77% of ... Read More »

CHRISTMAS – The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


“Blessed is the season which involves the whole world in a conspiracy of love”. Many times you have thought as a child that Santa will come to give you gifts on Christmas. Sometimes you actually receive beautiful gifts as they are presents from your relatives and family. Being one of those festivals that are celebrated around the world, it is ... Read More »