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Business Strategist: Job Description & Salary

Business Strategists

The designation – Business Strategist – confuses most people. What does the incumbent do, what role and responsibilities do they have, are some questions that are likely to come to mind after people hear about the designation. Among other senior positions, it is one of the most coveted positions. Who are Business Strategists? Business Strategists are concerned with the growth ... Read More »

SEO Strategy to Build a Brand

SEO Strategy

SEO (Search engine optimization) strategy is a process where your website is tailored to the algorithms of the search engines for ranking the websites based on the emitting signals. It is one of the most important Digital Marketing strategies that will help you to generate a successful online business. Since the search engine algorithms are continuous changes over the course ... Read More »

6 Essential Methods For Better Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Are you running an online business? Do you want to give a Better Customer Experience? Of course!! You want to have a better relationship with your customers, and you want to give a fantastic customer experience to them. In an online appointment scheduling software, it is very imperative to give the best services as well as great customer experience. Good ... Read More »

Top 7 Things to Discuss with Web Developer Before Initiating Any Project

Web Developer

Being a customer, if you really want to have a website, web application, e-commerce website, then you need to hire an experienced and well-qualified web developer or designer. It is because they are key individuals to look after your project from start to finalization. They will design your website on the basis of your expectations and instructions. However, they will ... Read More »

3 Major Impact of Voice Search on SEO Today

Voice Search

Voice search technology has taken the SEO industry by storm and for all the right reasons. Did you know that Google’s voice search has a 95 percent precision rate while that of the iFlytech speech-recognition system claims an accurateness of 98 percent? The technology has spread to smart TVs, the Internet of Things (IoT), home kits, smart thermostats, and now ... Read More »

Cyber Security Trainings Initiative In The Digital Era

Cyber Security

In dire need of strengthening cyber security, organizations have started searching for cyber security training programs to train their employees. It is important for organizations to secure their networks, systems, and applications from cyber-attacks. This is not possible without involving employees and carrying out a cultural change. Thus, when hiring security testing services from a software testing company, organizations look ... Read More »

5 SMS Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

SMS Marketing

Short message service (SMS) marketing continues to grow and expand. It allows businesses and people to get responses from each other and to keep the communication short and sweet. By using text message best practices, businesses can improve their marketing to their customers. However, there are some mistakes that businesses can make in SMS marketing. Here are five common mistakes ... Read More »

5 Ways to Proactively Improve Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation

If you’re running a business online, you need to take your online reputation seriously. The wrong news or review about your business could leave you scrambling to pick up the pieces. While it’s not the end of the world to experience an unhappy customer occasionally, taking the initiative to proactively improve your online reputation will help further along with your ... Read More »

10 Tips to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Companies

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development Software Outsourcing is arguably one of the smartest innovations of this generation. Businesses from one side of the world connect with offshore companies to get high-quality work at affordable budgets. However, a lot of factors play a crucial role in offshore development. As examples, skillset, time differences, communication, deliverable, projects, payments, deadlines, etc. To avoid bad experience ... Read More »