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DuckDuckGo Questioned by Authorities over Google Antitrust Investigation


Google’s competitors are being questioned by U.S. federal and state authorities as part of an inspection into Google’s search superiority. DuckDuckGo has supposedly been in talks with the U.S. Justice Department regarding an investigation into Google’s claimed anti-competitive practices. In a report from Bloomberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO Gabriel Weinberg disclose that U.S. authorities are looking for methods to restrict Google’s superiority ... Read More »

Blockchain Network Elrond to Reward $40,000 for Using its Testnet

Blockchain Network Elrond

Ahead of its main net launch, high-speed Blockchain network Elrond has announced $40000 rewards to stimulate to use of its testnet. The testnet event is scheduled for 4 June 2020 that will mark the end of its extensive testing phase. With the mainnet launch, Elrond will become the first blockchain to accommodate internet-scale performance which will open new avenues for ... Read More »

Smart Building Trends for 2020

Building Trends

The savvy building has gotten one of the quickest developing advances in the proptech business. It is assessed that the worldwide market for the Internet of Things in Buildings (BIoT) will ascend from $22.93Bn in 2014 to over $85Bn in 2020. The central point driving brilliant structure advertise development is worldwide vitality usage concerns. However, finding effective approaches to utilize ... Read More »

AIoT: The Powerful Convergence of AI and IoT


Introduction Science and technology have continued to progress with time. There was a time in the 70s and 80s when humans used to think of Artificial Intelligence in the near future. And with the global implementation of 5G in 2020, IoT will become a reality to streamline connectivity between devices within a network. More the information an organization has about ... Read More »