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Towards a Singularity Marketing?

Singularity Marketing

From segmented marketing to singularity marketing: how far can we really personalize the digital customer experience? To get out of mass marketing, specialists and advertisers have bet on the segmentation-targeting-positioning triptych in order to personalize the relationship between brands and their customers and prospects. In other words, the finesse of client segmentation on the basis of essentially socio-demographic, psycho-graphic or ... Read More »

Combining the Power of UX and UI

UX and UI

Although many stakeholders are confused by the differences between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), there are a few ways they’re each unique. UX is considered to be work under the hood to ensure users can complete their tasks easily, whereas UI is used to make the interface attractive and appealing. The Difference between UX and UI Concept and ... Read More »

Solving the identity verification problems in thriving digital space

identity verification

As technology and digital services continue to grow at a rapid pace, they are becoming more integrated into our daily lives. Traditional financial service providers need to revamp their strategies to accelerate digital services and products. Thanks to the digital-only mindset, we are seeing a global adoption of technologically advanced solutions for digital transformation and identity verification.  This adoption has ... Read More »

How Coronavirus is Affecting Websites Traffic


Coronavirus has created a major impact in the entire world. The entire world is in lockdown mode. Hence, people are encouraged to stay at their homes without traveling. Along with these consequences, you will be interested in understanding how the Coronavirus is creating an impact on different website traffic as well. Here are some of the facts, which highlight how ... Read More »

4 Hacks That Can Let You Enjoy Cheap Airfare with Ease

Cheap Airfare

Searching for cheap airfare and a cheap way to travel can be an intimidating task, mainly due to the widespread use of dynamic pricing algorithms that are used to track users’ digital activity by airline companies. They are then leveraged to force money out of passengers’ wallets. The act may sound highly unethical but isn’t that how businesses actually work. ... Read More »

Types of Creative Agencies You Should Know About

Creative Agencies

Advertising agencies is a broad category that includes comprehensive traditional and digital marketing services. If you are looking for a creative agency, then you need to know about the different types of creative agencies and the services they offer. Below, we are going to name the types of creative agencies out there and the different services they provide. Please keep ... Read More »

Semantic SEO Explained

Semantic SEO

Back to first century Human-made inventions have started way back in the first century. It has helped the way of living of humanity. There are so many things that were developed in different fields. From the things people need for everyday life to the materials that were created for self-satisfaction. But there are also that was made for both. The ... Read More »