Manage Your Remote Team Seamlessly with These Six Management Hacks

Manage Your Remote Team Seamlessly with These Six Management Hacks

Around the world, many of us are working remotely because of Covid-19 spreads. Whenever you are working from home or remotely it is difficult to keep the team focused and productive. To overcome this challenge, here are ten management hacks that infuse more meaning to your remote team.

As it is due to some emergency or as a company’s policy working remotely is now more common than ever and virtual workplace becomes a reality. According to Remote Work Statistics – 2020 Edition, it is stated that Companies allowing remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t.

Managing remote teams is a new challenge for business leaders and they look for ways for how to effectively manage the remote team and effectively create a workforce environment for the company.

Here are some easy hacks to help you be at your best and make the most of your workday.

1. Lean into the right business tool:

Having a business tool is an important  step for creating a healthy and active remote workplace. To better, organize your team and keep them on the same page. Beside Google hangouts and Skype, there are other good tools that can be used to make alternative work arrangements a success.

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Last Pass

While Managing your virtual team make sure that besides tools you have a common communication platform like web chat, video chat, etc.

According to the recent report from Firstpost  it is found that Zoom cloud meeting app  Surpass the TikTok , Instagram to become the most downloaded app with 10 crore downloads in the time of Social distancing as a medium to connect with remote co-workers, friends, and relatives.

2. Make use of G.T.D method:

G.T.D aka getting things done is a great method to manage the element of productivity naturally while working remotely, described in the book of the same title as “use of getting thing done method” by consultant David Allen.

One of the important benefits of GTD is that it makes it easy to see what you have already in plate and what to work on next. It also has an active emphasis on getting your to-do out of your heating head and into a system you are referring to. This helps in the clarify minds of any mental distraction that will keep you active during work.

This method requires you to follow five easy steps that lead to high productivity with a stress-free

Working conditions.

  • Collect – capture every aspect that needs your attention.
  • Process- clarify what you’re doing with each thing and what they mean for you.
  • Coordinate – Organize the results.
  • Plan – review the system
  • Engage – doing the right things

3. Effective organized documents platform:

In virtual team management, there are a number of documents shared by employees with each other. In this scenario, Dropbox or Google drive has made a life of virtual assistance easier.

If you want to access and edit the same document at the same time, with the help of Google docs or dropbox you can easily get it edited and share with others at the same time.This interface is well-communicated, safe and you will get the peace of mind and you don’t need to worry about the storing.

Wikis creating Wikis resources where your employees can find all types of information they need – wikis a self-access center for development and trainee. It’ll help to keep all your employees up to date and help everyone to stay on the same pages.

 4. Engage your team with  Gamification:

Engagement of the employee is the serious business, According to a Gallon study poll it is found that

“Only 30% of employees say that they’re engaged in their job. More than 50% of employees said they weren’t engaged, and almost 20% of employees stated that they were “actively disengaged.”

Employee engagement is not all about the happiness of the employees. Someone might be happy ,but that doesn’t mean that they are working productively, working hard on behalf of the organization. Making employees engaged is different from making them happy.

According to Forbes, employee engagement is the commitment of the employee towards the organization and its goals. By using the technique of GamificationThis technique makes practical day-to-day activities more compelling and it can help to boost participation rates in eLearning platform and amplify employee motivation.

5. Create  Peer-to-Peer Recognition (P2P):

Smart companies have started to rely on P2P recognition to immunify employee engagement. According to the source 43% of workers cite due to lack of recognition and it is the biggest source of happiness  .

As an example, just look at the Salesforce chatter, this type of tool helps to keep your workplace respected and valued.this tools help teammates to become cheerleaders and create a support network.

When senior management is too busy than having an active network of teammates behind you can make all good difference to productivity. This method keeps your employees motivated no matter from what place they are working. If those workers who feel unhappy due to deprived of praise or positive feedback these peer to peer recognition will help your company to boost sales and positive feedback.

6. Track employee working status :

Planning a weekly work plan helps employees to focus on their goals. A work plan indicates what is expected from the employee. Before your remote team starts off any task, ensure to break into small fragments that can easily understand and monitored.

You can use project management software like Zoho, Jira, and Agile Methodology to enhance the organizational framework. This software makes it easy to check where the project stands, how long an employee is taking time to meet the deadlines.

Key Notes:

At present Remote work is a growing trend, so it is becoming important that you as a team member and manager, embrace these remote workplace trends and excel into9 the company culture. No matter if your team is globally located, you can bring it together and make your remote team happy and productive.

Remember, having the right mindset and the right tool brings productivity at hand. Put these simple management hacks to practice and you’ll get the benefit and soon will be able to notice a big difference.

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