Looking For a Career in Devops? 5 Important Skills to Master In

Looking For a Career in Devops? 5 Important Skills to Master In

It has been observed that most of the people have started relying on technology than ever before. This makes it utterly vital to have an effective and efficient development procedure. The only way possible for development companies is to chase new trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. With the emergence of disruptive technology like devOps, companies not only started delivering scalable and robust looking apps to the market but even came up with more and more tools and platforms with the purpose of making your life easier.

The world has an insatiable appetite for apps, and companies are coming up with interesting apps on the daily basis, and one can imagine how many teams of experts are required to release them. So, are you planning to make a career in DevOps? Excellent choice, I must say! In the following post, I would like to share some essential tools for DevOps specialists that could turn out as a great addition to your toolbox.

DevOps tools


This tool, in particular, is mainly used for log management that aggregates MySQL, Cloud hosting, Apache, Ruby on Rails, Windows events, Heroku apps, and many more. And do you know its best part, its that users are loving it for easy implementation, user-friendly interface, and powerful features.

Its features include:

  • Instant log visibility
  • Aggregation of text logs, syslog, all app logs, and lots more
  • Instant alerts and trend detection
  • Searching using API, browser, or command line

Of course, its free trial is available.

Jira Software

Being one of the most popular choices of DevOps teams for project tracking and issue tracking. JIRA is such a tool that allows every team member to be fully visible and create a custom workflow to ensure the most efficient planning, tracking, and release of an awesome app.

Features included are:

  • Task distribution, user stories and issues
  • Visual, real-time data on team performance
  • Provision of current information to improve decision making
  • Custom workflow


The enterprise is designed for event-driven remote execution and configuration management. By using the tool, one can easily perform intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data center easily and efficiently.

Feature included are:

  • Deliver an intelligent and integrated audit
  • Enables to enforce configuration compliance with company policies across massive infrastructure
  • Orchestrated any cloud
  • Automates deployment of almost any infrastructure

Yes, free trial available.


Facilitating your productivity with this automation tool for DevOps teams that allows to perform development duties faster and more efficiently.


  • Rich API and great selection of plugins
  • Scale-out development to deliver quickly
  • And most importantly, write in whichever language you prefer

Visual Studio

This fully-featured integrated development environment is designed by Microsoft for web, cloud, iOS, Windows, and Android. With an amazing interface and editor, the system effectively allows to write an accurate code in an efficient fashion with losing the current file context and zoom into various details.

Features included:

  • Editing and debugging on any OS
  • Continuous integration, app delivery, and learning
  • Efficient collaboration platform
  • Real-time teamwork
  • Fast edit and debug
  • Deploy anywhere
  • 4000+ extensions

So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to know more!

If you know other DevOps’ softwares, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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