Iphone Troubleshooting for Water Damage Problem

Iphone Troubleshooting for Water Damage Problem

Iphone Troubleshooting

IPhone troubleshooting for water damage and coffee spill on iPhone, iPad or apple mobile. We normally keep our gadgets with us all the time. And it may happen that user drop iPhone under water, drop glass of water on it or spill coffee on iPhone. This will cause damage to apple devices. In this article, I will provide detail for the iPhone troubleshooting and how to recover damages due to water/coffee spill.

Precautionary troubleshooting steps after water damage on iPhone.

1) First and foremost power off iPhone and then remove battery from mobile. When battery is removed it will reduce most of the damages. As not current flowing through PCB board and so water will not able to cause damage. If you keep battery inside than it can damage capacitor, resistance, triode, inductor, display screen and also can short circuit PCB circuit copper lines.

2) if you have  knowledge about how to dis assemble iPhone,  try to dis assemble it. If you don’t know how to dis assemble iPhone, then place iPhone where it can dry.  Normally to disassemble iPhone first remove lcd screen, then battery and then remaining part. Battery is glued with back cover so you need to use some force to remove battery. To remove screen, first remove screw from adjacent site, lift the screen softly and carefully remove display cable from pcb. Then remove four adjacent screws near to display cable connector.

3) Shake iPhone few times so water can drain away. Also remove sim card.                                                        

4) Let iPhone dry naturally. And you have urgent work with iPhone. Then use drier. Otherwise wise keep iPhone for 2 to 3 days so that iPhone dry naturally.

5) Use cotton to clean mobile and remove water traces. Also use alkaline or chemical to remove traces on circuit board.

6) User can also use hair drier to blow hot air. This will to ensure that no water or moisture inside. Sometime it is advisable to use isopropyl to clean iPhone or mobile. There is specific device called ultra sonic cleaner which is mostly used when mobile dip in water more than minutes or so. This will remove all traces of water drop from apple iPhone. Apple iPhone troubleshooting has many steps. Here I will provide few basic steps.

IPhone Troubleshooting steps after removing water from iPhone mobile.

Apple Iphone Troubleshooting for Water Damages
Apple iPod iPhone Troubleshooting

1) After drying iPhone, now assemble all hardware of iPhone. And then power on iPhone. If you see display on screen that means most of the pcb circuit is functioning well.

2) If display stuck at logo screen then try to restore iPhone. You can restore iPhone using iTunes, iCloud or other ios devices.

2) IPhone screen remain blank and just vibrate. Than re fix display cable, clean display cable connection. As water may have corroded connections. If necessary re solder 3 pin connector and then again fix display cable and start iPhone.

3) Above method does not work then, dis assemble display assembly and check individual part. It is very rare that whole display hardware fail to work. Only few parts of it may have damages. Normally connector pin and connecting cable may damage. Rest will work fine. So just replace those parts with new one.

4) Battery got short circuited due to water. Then few cell will not work and battery starts draining fast. Only repair option is replace battery with new one.

5) iPhone is totally dead. Then you must check internal circuit and parts. Such damage only recovered by replacing pcb board. It is very costly. Instead of it go for below option.

Recover water damages thought apple service center and other means.

If you have purchase apple iPhone or mobile using credit card. Or you have bought iPad with protection. Then you are eligible for refund. Claim it with proper bill. Even many network carrier like best buy, T-Mobile, at&t offer protection insurance for gadgets. And you can also separately purchase insurance for mobile.

Apple iPad or mac pro and other devices have specific sensor to detect water damage. So when iPhone is dropped into water bucket these sensor change their colour. So service centre can easily identify water damage. Now apple has specific scheme for such damages. Apple service center replace iPhone / iPod water damage as refurbish apple devices. This is similar like Computer Company started to develop refurbish laptop or desktop. But apple replaced mobile have only 3 months of warranty and it cost around 160 to 170 pound. With 170 pound you can purchase new mobile of Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and Nokia.

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