How Video Content Can Help You Boost Your Google Rankings?

How Video Content Can Help You Boost Your Google Rankings?

Video Content

Do you prefer watching video content or reading textual content? What will you share first – a video or a written piece of content?

Just ask these questions to yourself and you will get the answer for the way video content impacts and influences a viewer.

So don’t you think it is the right time to use video content for your business’s online marketing campaign and hire rich video editing services to avail best solutions? Believe us, video marketing is one of the finest ways to drive traffic to your site and boost your Google rankings.

In fact, 85% of online businesses consider videos to be an integral part of their digital marketing campaigns.

digital marketing campaigns

Why Are Videos So Persuasive and Powerful?

One main reason that makes videos so powerful is that they can showcase the bulk of information in a concise and appealing manner. In fact, you can create a video communicating more than 1 million words in a go.

In addition to this,

  • Videos are engaging and interactive

From sounds, visuals, actions, to content, you can define everything in a more interactive way in a video. Even, for this reason, visual commercials reap better results than banners or pamphlets with textual content.

Moreover, customers these days mostly use mobiles to make searches. And videos serve as an excellent way to target them. That is why experts believe that by 2021 more than 74% of consumer traffic online will be videos.

  • Videos render rich user experience

Videos deliver a more engaging experience in comparison to other forms of content. So, without any doubt, they work great to boost user experience.

In fact, if you intend to target modern customers using voice search and other advanced technologies, then there is no better solution than using videos.

  • Videos are awesome storytellers

Do you remember the last ad or video that captivated you and took you to an emotional journey? Surely, you must have.

This is what we want to tell you that videos can actually evoke emotion.

Be it humor, happiness, or any other emotion, videos are great storytellers. Hence, you can use it to evoke a specific emotion in your audience as well.

video emotion

  • Videos are appealing

Rarely, there would be anyone who would not like rich graphics, stimulating content, and mesmerizing sound. A video comprises these and more such aspects, which other forms of content lack.

You see, videos are more eye-catching and hence captivate more volume of traffic than otherwise.

  • Videos take less time to get consumed

Videos are concise and short. Despite this, videos can easily display a lot of information to the audience.

This not only makes them more valuable but also makes it easier for viewers to absorb the content.

Videos are great!

So, how can video marketing help boost your Google Rankings?

Let’s delve into further details!

Why Google Loves the Increasing Popularity of Videos?

Google functions and performs as per the current trend of searchers. So, when video consumption is increasing among users, Google can’t sit idle. It definitely has to act accordingly.

So, in 2013, Google introduced a new search algorithm, Hummingbird, which shifted focus from relevant keywords to the user’s search intent for a query.

So, how does it impact videos?

Now, more and more people are looking out for video content. Hence, Google is also giving more preference to content or webpages, which are integrated with high-quality videos.

Google loves content that is a blend of photos, texts, and videos.

When your content has all these elements, it signals Google that your page contains great media relevant to searcher’s intent.

If you really want to make it top in the rankings, it is best to include at least one video on your webpage.

Video Marketing Campaigns and SERP Rankings

Videos boost your site SEO by improving rankings in the SERPs. Here check the ways video marketing campaigns can improve SERP rankings.

  1. Videos Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Dwell Time

When viewers watch a video on your page, it improves dwell times. If people are spending more on a page, it signals to Google that your page has interesting and relevant content.

Furthermore, web pages with videos are proven to show better conversions. This implies that more viewers are likely to click through to purchase, which ultimately helps to reduce the bounce rate.

  1. Increased CTR

CTR or Click-Through-Rate is when more people click on results. Webpages containing videos have more chances of gaining higher CTR than web pages that don’t have it.

  1. Videos Help Increasing Visibility in the SERP

Videos are great for starters as it helps to increase visibility in search engine ranking pages. Incorporating videos to content also gives more opportunity to be displayed in the results in the SERP.

Video content Help Increasing Visibility in the SERP

  1. Videos Improve Google My Business Listings Page

Google loves brands, which take complete advantage of Google My Business listings. It even rewards them with a respected position in their rankings.

Local business listings that include posts, messages, and images rank higher than those that offer very little information. Integrating a video in your Google My Business listings can help you rank high in the Local Pack.

Businesses can create an appealing video that explains their business or demonstrate their product or service in just 30 seconds. Such videos can be added to the GMB page. If you don’t know how to create such videos, it is best to hire reputed video optimization services.

  1. Better Backlink Profile

People prefer sharing rich content. If your videos strike the perfect chord with viewers, they will like to link out to it, which is an important ranking factor. As long as your unique and high-quality video circulates online, it will passively earn backlinks to the page incorporating the video.

Video Content for Mobile Users

Mobiles have become an indispensable part of our lives. In fact, 90% of consumers like to watch videos on their mobiles. Hence, it is of paramount importance to optimize your videos for mobile users.

Video Content for Mobile Users

Mobile devices have different specifications as compared to desktop users. Keep those specifics into consideration while optimizing video content for mobile users.

Also, take into account other factors like demographics, niche, and searcher’s intent to make sure your video content targets the maximum volume of users on mobile.

Effective Tips to Optimize Your Video Content for Google Rankings

  1. Increase Social Shares and Social Signals

As per a report generated by Hubspot, around 52% of marketers use video content to earn best ROI. Use videos to boost engagement.

  • Create daily video alerts about your offerings.
  • Use short videos to introduce your business to your audience.
  • Use videos to summarize your posts.
  1. Use Videos for Link Building

Videos are a rich source to earn high-quality links, which build credibility and develop the brand.

  • Link your site to the YouTube channel.
  • Use YouTube Cards
  • Submit videos to different platforms like MuckRack, Klout, and more
  • Ask others to subscribe to your video link
  • Add a small description to your videos
  • Mention your videos on Quora and other online marketing communities
  1. Create Rich and High-Quality Content

Creating videos is not the only thing that will bring you better rankings. It is equally important to create rich videos with high-quality content.

Make sure your video meets these aspects to earn rankings from Google.

  • The video and description mentioned in it must be relevant to each other.
  • Increase the number of likes and views on the video.
  • Keep your videos short. Try to make them not more than 5 minutes.
  • Reach out to influencers who can endorse your videos.
  • Your videos must be likable, shareable, and must relate to your audience.

Create Rich and High-Quality Content

  1. Create Videos Relevant to the Audience

Create videos that are relevant to your audience. Make sure your videos:

  • Define clearly the core strategy of your content, which can be entertainment, information, inspiration, or anything else.
  • Define clearly the content creation strategy of hero, help, or hub.
  • Work precisely on the content distribution platform.

Clearly defining the purpose of your video can go a long way in establishing clear expectations from the beginning.

  1. Maintain a Proper Structure for Your Videos

Your videos must have a rich structure. It must be properly formatted. It means, create a catchy and descriptive title for your videos.

Additionally, select an appropriate thumbnail and make your video delivers a seamless experience to the viewers.

  1. Integrate a Video Transcript

You must have seen numerous videos with captions alongside. This allows users to easily view them. This pair of text is known as a video script.

Including video transcripts make videos more accessible to a bigger audience by making them easily searchable by search bots.

Wrapping Up

Videos have huge marketing potential and are a great source to improve SEO rankings.

When used wisely and effectively, videos can help businesses increase the reach, drive quality traffic, and boost engagement to your site. Soon, you will witness a drastic growth in your Google rankings and backlinks.

In order to avail the best videos and YouTube channel for your business, hire the best YouTube videos optimization services from the industry experts.


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