How to Make Blogging Opportunities Come to You

How to Make Blogging Opportunities Come to You

Blogging Opportunities

When clients pitch to you, you want those pitches to be interesting, fun, well-paid and ongoing ones, if possible. You want to establish a relationship with the business that will make them request your blogging services again and again, right? So let’s discuss on how to get the right blogging opportunities.

Well, a part of what makes this work so well and in your favor is how you work your blog and ways that you can make it stand out. There are also things that you can do on your blog and within your author bio that will make the premium blogging opportunities find you and establish those long-term blogging relationships that you really want:

– Become an expert in your field. This doesn’t mean that you have to know everything there is to know, but that you are confident in the information that you do possess. Blog consistently on your topic by doing it daily, at the minimum. You will firmly establish yourself as a professional if you show your readers that you are committed to your topic on a routine basis.

– Research your topic. Always be the blogger who uncovers information and finds out the latest trending news on your topic. Deliver your information as blog posts, info-graphics, status updates, tweets, etc. Deliver timely, accurate information, but the more creative you are with your delivery, the more likely it is that you’ll attract opportunities to you that you would have otherwise not gotten.

– Write out your bio thoroughly and completely. For some clients, this is the first and only opportunity they’ll have to get that first impression of your work and blogging style. Make it good. Don’t hold back your experience, skills, knowledge and anything else that you think would be conducive for getting good blogging opportunities. This is not the time to skimp, thinking that you’ll get the chance to pitch yourself later. Do it now.

– Ask for it. It may seem simple, but a lot of times, that’s all you need to do to get the task. Email the person directly about the opportunity, blog about your availability on your blog, tweet about it on your Twitter page. Let it be known that you’re interested in blogging opportunities and you’ll be surprised at what may pop up.

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