How to Get Targeted Traffic from Uncontested Keywords

How to Get Targeted Traffic from Uncontested Keywords

Uncontested Keywords to Get Better Traffic

So, you have a website out there with millions of other people competing for the same audience, selling the same types of goods and services. How do you compete and convince the consumer to come to your site and engage in your work?

It is not always optimal to bring the largest number to your site. Of course, you want high numbers to increase the probability of customers, but you want to attract those who truly want your product or service and not just a lot of tire kickers. We all agree that the right kind of customer is as important, if not more so than the number.

Taking a broad approach to keywords will probably get you a lot of searches, but not necessarily fruitful ones. A large number of people looking at your site do not always mean you will be able to convert any of them into being a follower. You need to find ways to attract visitors who are looking for precisely what your specialty is. You need to enter a less competitive zone.

There are ways to get more targeted traffic with fewer competitive keywords that will achieve your goals to produce the desired results for your blog or website.  By making your keywords more specialized, you will get lower numbers that are actually more interested in your product and easier to rank. The more focused individual may prove to be better quality traffic and much more motivated.  This group most likely will more easily convert over to loyal customer status.

When you use less highly competitive and narrower keywords, you may develop your own SEO that already has users prepared to receive your message and are therefore much more viable candidates for a sale. Your chances to develop a strong niche following improves with more focused search terms. The uncontested keywords can actually fine-tune your audience and get you a better source of traffic. A lesser number of targeted searches will probably bring you more business, with less time spent analyzing the results.

There are many search engines out there, but, by far, Google ranks No. 1. Each website competes to make the first page, which we all know is a constant struggle. The first page of Google is important because people choose from the first three positions on Google. It is important that you get on the first page or you might as well not bother because placement on the second page gets fewer clicks.

But keep in mind there are also a variety of other sources that can aid in attracting traffic. A business may be making a mistake if it uses Google as its only search engine source. Other search engines could prove to be good sources of easy traffic. You can use the other sources like paid traffic and social media.

To increase targeted business prospects, it might also help to create multiple niche sites. Ranking for various niche terms means you’re increasing your chances of success in the event one or more of them earns a lower ranking because of increased competition.

It will probably take you the same amount of time to rank a few niche pages targeting different terms as it would to rank one page for a highly competitive broad search term. Not only that but also those niche terms could actually be providing you with a better quality of visitor who is a more “motivated” individual more likely to spend money with you.

Another important fact to consider when trying to draw people to your site and have them become loyal users, is to keep your information current. Many sites on the Internet contain old, outdated information or is no longer appropriate. There is so much outdated information on the Internet that people are excited to find relevant and up-to-date data. Again, offer your searchers what they seek, and you could make a sale or a conversion.

You have to consider that when someone searches for something in a specific super niche market, he or she might be prepared to not find the service or goods. So if he or she comes upon you, he or she may be glad to know you are there, he or she already has an inbuilt level of loyalty toward you that might be easier to convert to a customer.

Given the nature of the Internet, there will always be an army of other people trying to take your place and out-do you.  And no doubt a good number of your clicks come from folks who are not really looking for what you’re offering. Consider that you’ll be able to rank the lesser number easier and identify more readily the type of traffic you need to make your business a success.

One last thought: avoid keywords that attract non-spending visitors, like FREE. Probably people like these don’t want to spend any money.

I hope you learned something from this post. If you have any comment, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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