How to Eat, Breathe and Think like an Entrepreneur

How to Eat, Breathe and Think like an Entrepreneur

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

For an entrepreneur, time management skills are among the most important traits which often prove crucial to success. From knowing when to start, when to hold and when it may be time to walk away, decision making and executing a strategy is influenced by the clarity and focus that is generally stimulated by how organized and adept you are at playing the clock.

From simple routines, to attempting to whittle down and prioritize a number of commitments into order, how you approach the basics of each day is integral to how smoothly your waters will flow as a business person. From reading up on the best financial blogs and money saving tips, to building your vision brick by brick, the demands of being a self-starter with boundless ambition can prove to be too much for some.

Factor in time for planning, business research, client meetings and personal commitments and before many know it, they are entangled in the complexities of building a business and trying to stay sane in the process. Pushing for high-performance levels while painstakingly building for long term achievement does not come naturally to every person with an idea for a business endeavor. Learning the arts of discipline and the commitment to rolling with the punches when things get tough can prepare you for the cold, harsh realities which can often precede the warm, satisfying sense of success.

If you are struggling to find the time you need as a boss, entrepreneur or business owner, here are some expert tips which can help you organize your day in order to achieve optimum productivity.

Get going today and stop waiting for the “right time”

If you are stuck twiddling your thumbs in front of the laptop, clockwatching or trying to figure out the best way to begin, then you don’t have a plan. Just get to it, already. Launch yourself into the first stage with the ferocity of someone who has little time left. Incorporate a sense of controlled chaos into your approach, and start making things happen.

There is no such thing as the right time for the early bird…

Attention management

If you favour a little less restriction in order to unlock your true potential, then maybe consider attention management. Stick to the task at hand, and cut out any unnecessary or misleading practices or distractions which may hinder you and your progress. Identify the best way you work, and consider the most beneficial environment and methods to your productivity and success.

Try the 80/20 rule

In essence, you will approach your tasks in the manner of attempting to cross of the least productive requirements first. In order to adopt this method, you should have a clear grasp of the order of your priorities.

Make a list and underline the more straight forwards tasks and get them done first.

Get yourself into a clear routine

As with most things in life, practice makes perfect. As our minds get used to patterns and ways of doing things, we can eventually develop methods which do not require as much effort or energy expenditure as they did when we first began.

Imagine the first time you used a typewriter, or your first guitar lesson, for example. As time went by, your muscle memory took over and no longer did you have to look at each individual key, or second-guess the shape of your fingers in order to make that d-chord resonate as it should.

Work out at the same time every day, shower, eat breakfast and approach your desk with a clear understanding of how to approach work. If it helps, try to imagine you are delegating work to a subordinate, and are required to clearly state what needs to be done, when it needs to be completed and how it should be tackled. You will likely find that your general direction benefits as a result.

Track your productivity and time expenditure

Make a diary of your working day, each day, for one week. Keep tabs of what you did on each day and how long it took for you to complete tasks or get everything you needed done in a reasonable timeframe. Use the information to assess where you are going wrong and attempt to improve the following week.

You may be surprised at just how much you can benefit from keeping track of your daily tasks. Seeing things written down, clearly and with hindsight may even open your eyes to new methods you can use in order to structure your week ahead. Think: meetings with finance on Monday at 3pm, appointments with creditors on Tuesday at 11am-1pm and so on.

Avoid pressure and meltdown by being realistic

While we all have those days where everything seems to go smoothly and our productivity levels are simply through the roof, they should not be used as a metric to gauge how we should be performing every day. A number of factors can contribute to your success, and the same goes for failure.

By being realistic in what you can achieve, rather than what you want to achieve, you will be less inclined to get frustrated and get stopped in your tracks. Rushing through tasks or not paying attention to detail in favour of saving time will often have the opposite effect. Play it slow, steady and judiciously and be optimistic but realistic.

The life of an entrepreneur takes time to master. While, by nature, some of us are more inclined to be born with characteristics which make us more suitable to this lifestyle, it is not beyond anyone willing to learn and push themselves to run a business.

Your mind is the engine of the operation as a self-starter, and should always be well oiled and adequately adapted to run as such. Ensure you are eating well, exercising and getting enough rest so that you are the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Structure, discipline and routine may be the best three friends to take with you on your journey.


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