How to Boost E-commerce Website Sales with Promotional Labels

How to Boost E-commerce Website Sales with Promotional Labels

Promotional Labels

To comprehend the importance of the use of customized stickers, think about a big campaign, you want to run on Facebook. A marketer like you invests hundreds or thousands of dollars. Marketers know the target audience and groups of products are there to bid higher. On the other hand, custom labels suppress bidding and build an opportunity to personalize the campaigns. Using promotional stickers for marketing a business is easier, as people perceive labels differently and never take them as marketing items or advertisement.

Ways to use promotional labels to boost your e-commerce sales 

You have decided to use custom labels and stickers for promoting your e-commerce site. However, you have no idea how to use them. Here are 5 ways for your support:

  1. Leverage the best sellers

Do you know what makes a product to be one of the best sellers? It doesn’t matter how innovative the product is and what features it has. In reality, it is hard to assume which product would be lying in the storage and which one would go off from the shelves/storage. However, once a product goes off from the warehouse soon, you need to capitalize it and highlight the same as soon as possible.

Attach a custom-made sticker to the bestselling products soon to let your customers be aware of it. The way consists of recognizing a category of products as best sellers. For this, you need to go through the details and analyze. Besides, you may need to converse with your team members working at lower to senior levels. Think about both the amount spent on marketing the products and the number of the sold items. By highlighting the items with high ROI, you can drive more revenue.

  1. Use the price tag

The price of a product leaves a significant impact on customers’ buying decision. It does not matter how targeted your advertisement is. The product is not going to pick up by purchasers if the price of an item is beyond customers’ price range.

Attach custom-made stickers to classify products as low, medium, and high as per their price range. With this, you can easily guide people to browse products as per their budget.

  1. Stay relevant and be seasonal

It is horrifying to push snowshoes in summers. Without having a private label strategy, you can manage seasonal products either by hand-made sets or category. By marking seasonal products with custom labels and stickers, you can easily create, stop, and update your marketing campaigns. You need to be punctual and relevant, as seasonal products change often. Being relevant with products is the essential step for being on the top in your industry and boost sales.

  1. Use collections to promote your products

For defining a product, a category sometimes is not sufficient. Books, sports teams, and television series are the things that you can group better by topic in comparison by the actual type. You can use your private label to categorize your key collections together and make your marketing more fruitful. With this, you can make cross-selling more comfortable.

  1. Utilize category nodes

Identifying your customers is the heart of any successful marketing campaign. It helps you in everything from images to keywords and ad format. With a good comprehension of a product, you can easily determine the right audience.

Apply detailed category nodes to customize your campaign to the right customers. For instance, take animal products. You should not treat all animal products as the same. Customers for the accessories of a birdcage are different from the one for cat treats. It means you should use second or third level nodes to serve the customers with the right products. By labeling the products deeper, you will be more specific in targeting the right audience. Use specific stickers in labeling your products.

You have decided to use custom labels for bringing a boost in the sale of your e-commerce products. That’s well. Now, you have to decide that you are going to design your stickers yourself. You can take the help of professional graphic designers if you find it to do yourself. Whether you do it yourself or take professional support in it, you need to keep your design simple but attractive. Choose the right color and print numbers/letters clearly on the designed labels. With the proper usage, you will be successful in increasing the sales of your e-commerce website.

Do you use any Promotional Labels for your business? Please leave your comment in the comments box below.


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