How Much Does It Cost To Build Bike Booking App?

How Much Does It Cost To Build Bike Booking App?

Bike Booking App

After the success of car booking, carpooling and car rental apps, various new startups and tech majors have entered into the new segment of transportation such as Bike Booking App. This transformation in ride-hailing seems to be reasonable move not only for entrepreneurs but users as well. Those of you who live in major cities where the price of car booking is heavy on your pocket will always love to use Bike Booking Services rather than booking a cab. It is in trend in today’s time and proved as a convenient option for the users.

Have you ever tried to know why people would want to move from the comfort of the AC car? The reason is that why they pay higher for the same designation that they are getting in just half-fare using Bike Taxi Booking. And, the bike can cover distances in significantly lower time compared to cars in congested urban cities.

How Bike Taxi Booking App Works?

Just like UBER, Lyft, Careem, etc., you can use a bike taxi app and request a bike to your destination.


Passengers have to provide their details to get into the app or take the services of booking from an app.

Request Ride

Passengers can request a ride by providing their pickup and drop location. A nearby biker is assigned to them.

Take Ride

The rider picks up the passenger from their requested location and drops the passenger at their desired destination.

Pay Online

Passenger can pay the total amount for the ride using the various payment modes or cash.

Rate Trip

Passengers can provide ratings for their overall ride experience.

Various startups are planning to enter into this segment to gain market share and some the businesses have started building their own app-based bike taxi services. If you are also planning to develop an app then it is the right time to start with.

Now, let’s begin.

Bike Taxi App Key Features

Here we are discussing the core features of the bike taxi booking app that you can cosigner in your app.

  1. User Panel Features
  • Users Signup
  • Users Login
  • Mobile Number Verification
  • Multi-Language
  • Request for a ride
  • Geo-location
  • In-app wallet/Payment Modes
  • Rating & Review
  • Push Notification & Message Alert of Ride.
  • Bike Taxi Ride Cancellation
  • Refer and Earn.
  • Customer Support Chat
  1. Rider Features
  • Rider Signup.
  • Rider Login
  • Going off duty and on duty
  • A rider can Accept/Reject the ride by passengers
  • Advanced Route Optimization
  • Content- Can directly call or drop a message to the passengers
  • Fare Calculator
  • GPS Navigation
  • Start/End Ride
  • Ride History- Count total rides taken
  • Payments History
  • Customer Support Chat
  • Real-Time Tracking of the Customers
  1. Admin Panel Features
  • Secure Admin Login
  • User Access Control
  • Manage Riders (Drivers)
  • Manages fare during the festive seasons
  • Manage Passengers who are booking the rides
  • Notification Management
  • Promotional & Marketing dashboard for creating the coupon codes and offers
  • Real-Time tracking every bike taxi rides
  • Dashboard for the adding, deleting and blocking the users or captain account activities

How Much Does It Cost of Bike Taxi App Development?

However, the cost of development depends on the features, platforms (iOS and Android) and technologies that implement into the apps. The development also depends on the location where the app is going to build. Without going into detail into every possible aspect of Bike Taxi App Development. Let’s have a look at components that would require to develop On-demand Bike Taxi App.

  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Native app development (Android/iOS)
  • Design
  • QA and quality assurance

You can hire right mobile app development companies or hire a mobile app developer who can help you gain more business and reaches your app to new heights. We would recommend you to hire a mobile app developer to get feature-rich and high-quality Bike Taxi App Development Solution.

The bike app development with basic features can cost you around $10,000. And, if you want an app with advanced features then it may cost you around $14,000.

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