How mobile technology is making extensive additions to people’s behaviors

How mobile technology is making extensive additions to people’s behaviors

Mobile Technology

With internet broadband connectivity expansion, software range, and hardware tools; there are a lot of changes have been made across the globe. In a simple state, technology has become an inevitable part of human life. But how about mobile technology?

The mobile technology has evolved the thoughts, communication, and event planning with the contacts. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and detriments brought by mobile technology to social behavior and relationship. Later, we will talk about the problems caused by the same technology.

Benefits of this technology

Two decades ago, our primary issue was communication. Every one of us was having a limited circle of people with whom we could communicate. With the introduction of email systems and internet expansion, communication and social relationships entered the new era.

With passing years, more hardware and software tools were made with an intention of making interaction much better. Everybody today carries a small device that can connect them with others across the world, for least charges. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, Skype, Viber, and many others are being used to interact with individuals in just a few seconds.

This brings the opportunity to connect and meet new people easily and exchange experiences regularly with them throughout the world.

Moreover, Instagram and Facebook are the big players of social networking and they have elevated the technology to a different level- where we can share things or events from our personal life with all or few selected friends and connections.

Such enhancements made people closer with other individuals and allow them to share the same interest with other group of people.

  • Easier communities organization

Whatsapp is one of the social networking apps that can be used for communicating with a group via chat.

Moreover, when we talk about powerful communities, forums are the most popular. Al l this has made eligible for group members to stay in touch and share their amazing experiences at once to many contacts.

For instance, today you can plan a trip with your friends quickly and without any problem. You can easily find cheap air tickets or concert tickets and share details instantly with your contacts or group in Whatsapp.

This doesn’t end here. As everything has its two sides- one good and other bad; mobile technology is also giving birth to new issues that we will discuss now.

  • Face to face interaction

Remember the time you visit your relatives when there is any festival and now WhatsApp has taken over everything. You just send wishes on their WhatsApp number and keep doing your work or job without realizing that you are killing the relationship bond you have made with them in years. No matter if you can interact with people online regularly; personal visit is still a demand to nurture the bond.

The mobiles have become an addiction and we are ready to quit everything but not this addiction. We fail to live and enjoy the present moment with our people due to lack of face to face interaction. This is a serious issue that should be discussed in schools so that children can learn and understand the difference between virtual and real-life interaction.

  • Distraction

Mobiles are a great distraction these days. You are sitting at your desk and every hour or two, you check your phone to see if any notification is there. When you are not using the technology, it can be a distraction and affect your working hours. Suppose you are working on a project and you have a party in the evening. Your mind will push you to read group messages every other time and this lengthens the project time you are working on.

  • Intimacy

Today, people are being dissatisfied in the relationship and that is because of the changing technologies that are making modern relationships extra stressful. The issue arises when people use technology in different ways, which can create trouble between romantic partners.

For instance, a couple may argue on the use of tech, such as deciding when to use the mobile and when to abstain.

  • Depression

Excessive or overuse of social media puts a negative impact on mental health. It is found in a report that people who spend more time on social media and are less social with people tend to get issues of mental health in their later life. They may have to deal with depression. Social media use is linked with declines in mood, life satisfaction, and sense of well-being.

We are not saying that using mobile technology is a bad thing but if it turns into your addiction then it is not good for you. Android app development companies are making and designing apps to give you a convenient lifestyle; they don’t want to turn their users into depressive human beings.


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