How Coronavirus is Affecting Websites Traffic

How Coronavirus is Affecting Websites Traffic

Coronavirus has created a major impact in the entire world. The entire world is in lockdown mode. Hence, people are encouraged to stay at their homes without traveling. Along with these consequences, you will be interested in understanding how the Coronavirus is creating an impact on different website traffic as well.

Here are some of the facts, which highlight how the website traffic has changed significantly with the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are a website owner and have noticed a drop or an increase on your site traffic in last weeks, you must go through this article to see the reasons related to this.

More users on social media networks

Along with the Coronavirus pandemic, we can see how more people are using social media networks. Several reasons have contributed towards the above-mentioned fact.

Along with the lockdown, some people are forced to stay at home and they don’t have any special work to do. As a result, they tend to get online and interact with others. This is the main reason why the social media networks are experiencing a higher traffic these days. Some of the people who use social media networks use them for communication purposes as well. Along with physical isolation, they prefer to use the social media networks and stay closer to their loved ones along with time. The social media networks provide them with an excellent interface for it.

More traffic on healthcare related websites

Healthcare related websites are experiencing a higher traffic these days as well. That’s because most of the people prefer to visit those websites in order to get a better understanding about how to stay away from the virus. They prefer to stick to the reliable healthcare websites and get the knowledge needed to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

On the other hand, we can also see how many people are staying at home while consuming lots of food. They don’t have the freedom to hit the gym and engage with the workouts. This has made them worried about their health and fitness levels. Hence, those people tend to take a look at the healthcare related websites and understand how to ensure their overall well-being during the difficult times.

Less traffic on tourism related websites

Tourism related websites are negatively impacted by the Coronavirus. That’s because people don’t have the freedom to travel. Countries have locked their borders and airlines have grounded their planes. Hence, people are forced to suspend their vacations as well. We never know when we will be able to go ahead with the trip that we planned. Hence, people try their best not to even think about tourism during these days. That’s the main reason on why we can see a significant drop in the traffic to websites that are related to tourism.

More traffic to news websites

The traffic that news websites get have increased significantly as well. That’s because people are looking forward to get the latest updates about Coronavirus. They are all keen to know the latest figures of infected people and what has happened around them due to the pandemic. On the other hand, they get all the information they need from trusted news websites as well. Hence, we can see how people in today’s world are visiting the news websites multiple times a day. This has significantly increased the overall traffic that the news websites are receiving.

More traffic to media streaming websites

People tend to stick to media streaming websites in order to stream content and kill time. Due to the same reason, we can see how the traffic to media streaming websites has increased significantly. For example, it is possible to see a rise of around 15% to 20% to the most popular media streaming websites out there, such as YouTube and Netflix. This increase will remain until people are allowed to go out of their homes and engage with their day to day commitments.

More traffic to the online stores

We can also see how the online stores are receiving more traffic during the Coronavirus pandemic. People don’t have the freedom to go out and shop. Even if they have, they fear of going out. As a result, they prefer to purchase the products or services that are available to them from online stores. Products that are purchased from the online stores will be delivered to the doorstep. Hence, people will be able to stay safe while getting what they want.

As you can see, Coronavirus pandemic has created numerous changes to the traffic that websites receive. In general, the number of people who use internet have increased and the user sessions have increased as well. Hence, it is possible to conclude that web traffic has increased.


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