Here’s How You Should Use Guest Blogging

Here’s How You Should Use Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is an essential element that makes content marketing strategy a breeze. Businesses, preferably startups, opt for guest blogging to get a better reputation in the SEO realm, where all marketing practices are directed towards generating high-quality results, increased website traffic, and lead generation. Therefore, guest blogging can be a great tactic to get optimized SEO results. Around, 77% of the users on the internet are avid blog readers and you could use that as an opportunity to grow your business, organically.

Okay, let’s hop in our time machine and head to 2014, where Matt Cutts, Google’s former Head of Web Spam, said something that the guest blogging fanatics found a bit too speculative. Matt announced the ‘death’ of guest blogging, but, coming back to the recent times, we find that this method has only grown bigger. Was Matt trying to mess with us? If not, then what possibly could’ve been his intention? Let’s discuss that. If your business is limiting guest blogging to only something that would help in ‘link building,’ then you’re working with a ‘spammy’ approach and that’s a deteriorating practice. Sometimes, businesses compromise their content’s quality over traffic they want to see on their site, and that right there is a red flag.

Guest Blogging is Way More Than What You Think

Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy that allows brands to build their image among their competitors. It also delivers a brand’s message directly to its prospects in an effective way. If you stereotype guest blogging as something only that gets you traffic, then let us give you a heads up because you are about to damage the reputation of your brand, irreversibly.

First of all, the first thing that you must not compromise on is the need for a reliable internet connection. With a good internet connection, half of the job of a guest blogger is done. Now comes the part where guest bloggers must put their best skills to work. It was a misunderstanding when blogging focused on the ‘quantity over quality’ approach because now Google wants brands to focus on high-quality content for blogs. Just think about it. When your content is well-written, thought-provoking and engaging, won’t that get your website the traffic that you’ve been longing to see?

Guest blogging is best for creating awareness for your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing, well-established business or a startup that wants to tap a broader chunk from your target market without overspending in marketing activities, you can always opt for high-quality, guest blogging. If your content is of uncompromised quality, then your visitors would be more interested in wanting to know more about your business and there is a high chance that you would get some good conversions along the way. Remember one thing, when brands overlook the importance of creating sensible and high-quality blogging content, then their prospects bounce away from their website and their image as a trusted brand ultimately gets tarnished.

So, is Guest Blogging Good for SEO?

When brands publish useful and good-quality content on websites that are relevant and have a good reputation then that content ultimately paves the way for more traffic, and you know what happens when websites get more traffic? Business generates more revenue and the world begins to look like a better place.

Don’t get all confused if anyone tells you that guest blogging is not good for your brand. This method is one of the best practices you could do as a business, to reach a new audience, increase and build awareness, get more traffic and enhance your website’s overall functionality.

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