Guest Blogging: What’s In It for the Contributor

Guest Blogging: What’s In It for the Contributor

Websites are constantly seeking fresh content. The reason behind this is simply because extraordinary content means more unique visitors. Oftentimes, getting a new perspective on a specific topic requires a blog owner reaching out to other great writers in cyberspace and having them post on their blog. In exchange to adding value to their website, the guest blogger receives more exposure.

There are many websites out there looking for contributors just like you. Having someone guest blogging for you is quite the treat, however there are also several benefits to writing a guest post and contributing to someone else’s blog.

The most obvious advantage is that you can instantly increase your following, whether it be on your website or across social media. Think about it for a moment. Your article is now being read by a multitude of people that may not have been aware of your website prior to writing the article. The opportunities for engagement drastically increase, as dedicated readers of their blog now pay close attention to yours.

Speaking of followers, the biggest upside is – quality traffic. Not only does the traffic to your site increase, the quality of the traffic is substantial. Always remember, quality over quantity. Readers who are actually interested in the content are more likely to share information from your websites to their social media accounts or even to others that would be interested in reading it.

Another positive outcome is that it is an excellent way to build relationships within the blogging community and make connections with expert writers in your industry. This is what blogging is all about – building relationships. If you guest post to popular websites, you become a more credible writer. People begin to trust the information that comes from you, and you can easily build a better reputation from it. This includes building a more influential social media presence, since tools such as Facebook and Twitter for example, are predominantly used by bloggers.

Of course we at BlogDash encourage you to follow Google’s ‘quality’ guidelines when guest posting. Content you share should be valuable to other websites and their readers, and not used for back links or SEO purposes. Your reasons for guest blogging is to get better and because you have a passion for writing.

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