Google analytics have transformed the way we track and monitor user activity on websites, let’s find out how?

Google analytics have transformed the way we track and monitor user activity on websites, let’s find out how?

Google analytics

With the help Google analytics, it is now possible to track as well as monitor user activity on websites. You will come across a variety of analytic tools that can be used for tracking mobile applications which have already been lagged behind. But have you ever wondered how one can derive insights from interactions with your mobile apps with as much precision as you can track interactions with your website?

Well, the good news is that you don’t require to go far. A Google offering called Google Analytics for Firebase came into existence that can bring your app analytics up to speed. With similar functionality to Google Analytics.

Why Firebase?

Being a prominent provider of mobile application development services, I can say Firebase can be considered as one of the best options because it is available in the Google suite of products and of course it is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile platforms. With Firebase, you can harness tracking capabilities for your mobile app that are similar to the capabilities you already employ with Google Analytics for your website.

However, the tool gathers metrics that are specific to mobile app behavior, rather than website-centric metrics like session and page-view numbers. Moreover, Firebase provides data from your apps in real time, offering metrics such as the number of active users within the past 30 minutes. Which is very essential for gathering mobile-specific insights, so you can produce data that will help you market your application better. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the application itself has the potential to provide reporting for up to 500 different events, including top conversion events. Additionally, it allows you to customize the conversion-tracking functionality, so you can get reports on custom events that are unique to your organization.

Finally, Google Analytics for Firebase is completely free. You will only pay to deploy it if you choose to hire a third party to set it up.

The big question is, How to deploy?

Implementation often brings a set of unexpected challenges for organizations. So it becomes very important to determine whether the tool fits for your mobile application and then decide how would you like to implement the same. This can be done in two ways: – internally with your own team or with the help of an external analytics partner. Fortunately, Google is a platform that offers good documentation for Firebase. And reviewing those steps after implementation is also helpful, because you may need to make adjustments as your reporting requirements adapt and change.

Is Firebase Right for You?

Almost all businesses that have developed mobile applications can benefit from Firebase analytics. I mean if you are comfortable with google analytics than you can easily make use of Firebase tools to bring your app analytics and tracking up to the level of your web analytics.

So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to know more!

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