Email Signatures as a Marketing Tool

Email Signatures as a Marketing Tool

Just like other essential components of a corporate world, email signatures are vital being the identity mark of your post, company and contact information. Well-designed email signatures can result in better collaboration with clients and partners.

Current scenario and the race of marketing has not just left it a corporate identity, but several tactics and strategies have shifted its use. Marketers are utilizing every inch of the business community into their cause. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, and now the era is moving with email signature marketing side by side with email marketing.

And probably this is the right decision as email signature marketing allows a company to promote their message directly to their customers without being biased to its products. On the other hand, emails are the most used source of communication amongst the employees in a trading family. Well, we need to have a look at some eye-opening stats regarding emails.

Email Is the Biggest Market

Regardless of the fact that social media has captured the communication industry all around the world, emails remain the most authentic and widely used business collaboration channel. A recent Radicati Group study has mentioned about the email use globally as:

  • The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received is about 281 billion per day with 3.8 billion users.
  • It is expected to increase the ratio and will reach about 333 billion per day in 2022 with 4.2 billion users.
  • An average Number of accounts occupied per person is 1.75 and will reach 1.86 in 2022. This growth is stronger with consumer email accounts.

The research has also concluded that people tend to have a separate account for distinct purposes like family, friends, and shopping. This trend is useful and optimizable for marketers to hit the deck properly and with much more convenience.

Reasons That Back My Consideration

A case study has analyzed that about 50% of people enter on your website through email signatures than any other means. They stay longer and surf more pages. Without a doubt, email signature marketing works. Let’s see, what the facts are behind email signatures being an imperative marketing tool.

1. Writes Less but Says More

This is the era where peoples believe in consuming their precious time to a diversified list of activities. Understanding human psychology and modern trends, email signature provides with the most competent way to convey desired information within the least possible words.

It carries the most significant data with the email that can build trust and boost your conversion.

For sure, it leaves customers, clients, partners and leads with a choice to contact back you through the channel upon their convenience, let it be a phone, email, message or website.

Furthermore, the website link invites people to visit the site and show their interest. As discussed above people visits more websites through the link provided in email signatures. Can you believe, some lines at the end of your complete message bring you the most number of visits in comparison to the rest of your marketing campaigns? It is hard to digest, but you need to.

2. An Ultimate Brand Representative

Your email signatures represent your brand likewise your website if you utilize it properly. An email signature contains at least an image that mirrors your business, whether it’s your logo or a picture of your own or a product that defines your business best. Moreover, you can also highlight the color of your brand through it.

3. Creates Trust and Embrace Loyalty

Highlighting the awards and honors, customer stories, their reviews, and rating let people trust you. And, email signatures provide with the best opportunity to share your achievements with your customers and build a firm connection. Not only it helps you to win customers believes but also sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Social Media Promotional Kit

Social Media usage is increasing with every second we spend in the world. Recent social media policies and trends have made it challenging to increase organic interactions. In this situation, email signatures possess a remarkable value in boosting your social media engagements with more than 10 percent.

Smart email signature generators allow you to add social network buttons which can lead your users to the desired page in just one click. Not only this, but you may also feature your specific posts and pictures in your signatures that will enhance the engagement rate way far than that of 10%.

5. Provides Variety of Information

Apart from your business contact information, email signature helps to promote much more that includes:

a) New Features & Services

Business often spent loads of money launching their products and recent services. To increase the success rate of your marketing strategy email signatures can also be utilized as a supportive weapon.

b) Promotional Videos

Studies have proved that people are engaged more towards videos than the text. If your business has a promotional video, it can be linked in the email signatures.

c) An Event

With headlines such as “Register Now”, email signatures provides you with a chance to highlight your event. A webinar, a social media live chat, or any particular event can easily be showcased through email signatures.

d) Discounts & Promotions

The best way to promote ongoing discounts and several offers is through email signatures. It allows you a variety of customer to interact with and promote your markdowns.

6. Follows a Consistent Marketing Strategy

Consistent marketing is the key to a successful marketing campaign. This strategy provides about 20% more value to your brand.

On average, an employee sends 100 emails a day. If a company has 150 employees, ultimately it is sending 15000 emails a day. Despite the cause of email, its internal message, the subject line and the sender, the prominent color, logo and business email in each signature play a vital role in the consistent promotion of the brand and company.

What Creates an Engaging Email Signature?

Stephen A, Rains and Anna M. Young conducted an analysis on organizational member’s email signatures. They concluded that email signatures are the best tools to create an impression. What more you want as a marketer? Further related to the content it was found that different sectors use a different kind of email signatures.

For example, pharmaceutical companies used to add their education in their signatures, engineers, law and science-related companies, uses legal disclaimers whereas sales and product based companies more likely to use a professional title in their email signatures in order to get the best response rate.

Likewise, you will need to adjust your signature’s content accordingly with your market type and the targeted audience. You can concern professionals and potential writing services for creating the best email signature content. Apart from including name, title, contact, and company, the following are some simple tips to coping with highly interactive and responsive email signatures.

  1. Include your face shot as there are more chances that your user may add this to his contact with your face. It could help in developing better relations and stronger communication.
  2. Must include the logo of our company.
  3. Add social media links as people are more convenient contacting on such networks.
  4. Your design should be responsive as about 68 percent emails are opened on mobile devices.
  5. Full fill the legal requirements as some companies have rules and regulation regarding email signatures.

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