Ecommerce Website Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Conversion Rate Badly

Ecommerce Website Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Conversion Rate Badly

Building an online store and make it sale-ready is a battle of its own. But, the battle is not done even after launching the store. In fact, knowingly or unknowingly you could have made some fatal mistakes that could hurt your conversion rates badly.

If you are not sure if your eCommerce store is riddled with such mistakes, read ahead. It is never too late to fix these mistakes and put your store on the elevator to the high conversion floor.

Missing search bar

More than 55% of online shoppers begin their shopping journey by searching for products on Amazon. Even search engines like Google fall behind when it comes to online shopping searches.

The bottom line is, the search bar on your online store is a very critical element. It needs to placed prominently and should be easily accessible at all times. Don’t let the customer search for the search bar. Make it visible on all pages, including individual product pages. It will help retain them within the website’s loop and not skip off to a new tab to search better.

Large product images

Your customers need to see your products clearly and with as much as detailing possible. But, don’t let that need make you display the images in large sizes. They occupy too much of space and allow only a limited number of products to be displayed on one page. Not all customers are going to have the patience to keep scrolling endlessly only to see few products.

It is better to keep medium sized product images that will accommodate more products on the same page. You can display bigger product images in individual product images. You can use a jQuery responsive image zoom & pan extension to give a 360-degree or mouseover zoom view of the product.

Frequent pagination

Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. LinkedIn. Do you see any page numbers on these websites? Yet, we keep scrolling endlessly on these websites, right?

Pagination is slowly giving way to infinite scrolling. It is easier for the user and increases dwell time on your store considerably. Under infinite scrolling, the page keeps loading new product thumbnails as and when the customer reaches the page’s end. Studies by Baymard Institute have proven that customers tend to explore the product offerings of an online store longer using infinite scrolling than with pagination.

Complex checkout process

A large majority of the customers who reach your checkout page are skeptical of making a purchase. Even the slightest deterrent, like a complex checkout process can make them turn away and abandon your cart.

More than 9% of customers abandon carts due to long and confusing checkout process. Asking for too many security checks, long forms asking too many private questions or a slow loading checkout page can all lead to cart abandonments. The need of the hour is a simplified checkout process. Read more about Shopping Cart.

Security concerns

The rise in cyber security attacks and phishing scams are already making customers wary of making online payments. Online shoppers value transparency and trust above everything else. They want to be sure that the store that they are dealing with is one that is genuine and takes good care of their private information, especially credit card information and identity details.

But, how can you demonstrate that your store has all safety measures in place? A trust seal can help take care of that. Trust seals are basically symbols, icons or logos of security agencies. They often come with SSL certificates or are provided by Certificate Providers. They establish trust in the minds of customers.

SSL certificate by nature are bit-sized files that encrypt the information sent and received in between the user and the client system. So, having an SSL certificate and a trust seal on your checkout page is sufficient enough to take care of your customers security concerns.

Missing wishlist feature

A common mistake that most eCommerce business owners make is to ignore keeping a wishlist feature. A wishlist feature is a feature that can boost your conversion rate significantly.

Think of this scenario. A customer wishes your online store and sees a product that he/she is really interested in buying. But, due to financial constraints or some other reason they are unable to buy it immediately. However, there is a chance that they will buy the product that they will buy the product sometime in the future.

But, how will they keep track of the product and its prices? A wishlist can help with that. Think of it as a repository where customers can add their favorite products that they might want to buy in the future. Needless to say, a store which misses to have a wishlist feature will lose a good amount of sales.

Learn from the mistake of others

They say, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Every single time we make a mistake we are actually giving ourselves an opportunity to learn. But, in the eCommerce industry you do not have the window to make too many mistakes. You have to find them and rectify them at the earliest, else your customers would seek better options.

These are some of the most common mistakes that eCommerce stores are seen to make. Some of them seem so obvious, yet, we fail to see through and set them right.

Luckily, after reading this post you should not be making these mistakes. If at all you do, make sure you have them fixed. They will help boost your conversion ratio as well as retain your existing customers.

Have you seen any other mistakes that eCommerce store owners need to stop doing? Let us know. We would love to spread the knowledge.


Author Bio: Jitendra Dabhi is a blogger at He is a passionate blogger and turned blogging into a money making ideas for smart passive income. He writes and shares about Technology, Business, Startup, blogging, LifeStyle and Tips and Trick.

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Jitendra Dabhi is a blogger at TechTipTrick, Tech Untouch & Top IT Software. He is a passionate blogger and turned blogging into a money making ideas for smart passive income. He writes and shares about Technology, Business, Startup, blogging, LifeStyle and Tips and Trick.