Developing Mistakes Made by Mobile App Development Companies

Developing Mistakes Made by Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile App Development Companies

Creating your own app can be a tricky piece of business and most mobile app development companies think they are aware of the possible hard times they might experience during the process. Yet, there are some mistakes that even the most experienced mobile app development companies encounter daily and you should be aware what might come up your way when developing. Here are several mistakes you might come across.

App Monetization

Mobile app development companies know the main purpose of each app they develop – generate income and return on investment. Some less experienced developers may be underestimating the amount of money and time they need to invest when developing the app. Also, when you are the creator, you should focus on getting money in return as well. The most common ways for the app to generate income are – In-app purchases, advertising or paid downloads. Make sure you have not missed this step when your project comes to life.

Features and Notifications

Simplicity wins over complexity every time. Some mobile app development companies have been following a trend to include way too many features and it has become a common belief that the app needs to be complex to be of better use to the customer. Focus on building an app to solve a small number of problems. The top apps in the market are the ones focusing on one issue and mobile app development companies should be aware of that. This way you can also exclude having too many notifications – another big turn off. Notifications should be coming up only when necessary.

Developing for Multiple Platforms

Going for iOS, Android and Windows Phone is the ultimate goal but not in the beginning stages of your project. Mobile app development companies should be focusing on creating the app for one particular platform (usually Android or iOS) and stick to it. When developing for more than one platform, the money that you spend is increasing daily, the time spent is more and in the end, the product is not as thoroughly inspected as it should be. The benefits of expanding to other platforms are numerous and your time will come but initially, mobile app development companies should focus on only one.

Testing the App

Mobile app development companies should be aware how critical for the app is to be tested thoroughly and multiple times. There is no such word in the mobile app development world as over-tested. By having your friends and close family testing the app you will gather some useful feedback but usually, it is not enough. Experienced mobile app development companies have not only a team overseeing the testing process but also are sending the app to plenty of randomly selected end users to extract even more feedback.

The full process of app creating could be taking a long period of time for the mobile app development companies. By knowing the most common mistakes you will be more aware of the possible errors and provide a better version of your app to the market.


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