Conversions? Maybe It’s Time To Revisit Your Product Photos

Conversions? Maybe It’s Time To Revisit Your Product Photos

Product Photos

There may be multiple reasons as to why you might be missing out on sales. But many sellers out there don’t realize that one of the major attraction points for any online shopper is the product photos. And until and unless, the images on your product page are perfect, and worth their attention, it is quite possible that you may be losing some potential customers. So, if your conversion rates have been heading south, then maybe it’s time to re-check your product photos quality. 

Product Image Editing

Poor quality photos can drive customers away from your product page. But this is nothing that can’t be fixed. You can improve your product images with the help of simple photography techniques and product image editing

Here’s how you can go about it:

Build a strong base: Click an amazing photo

When your original photo is good enough, editing adds value to it. And you know what that means – a conversion worthy photo! So, try to click a photo using a high-resolution lens with an appropriate amount of lighting and good background setup. Some sellers also prefer setting up a lightbox with a white background to capture the best possible photo. But that still doesn’t rule out the need for photo editing. This is because blemishes and noises are hard to avoid, and can only be fixed with editing.

Show multiple angles of your product 

Displaying your product from all the possible angles makes it easier for the buyer to understand your product. Well, with the lack of the coveted physical touch, your buyers do deserve this. So, include multiple shots from different angles and make sure that all of them are in high resolution with the zoom-in option turned on. 

Adjust the brightness and correct the color 

Photo editing tools have these great features where you can correct the colors and increase or decrease the brightness levels. Doing this enhances image clarity and makes it look way more professional. Since you, as a seller, may not have the kind of time and expertise to edit the photos, you can always outsource product image editing services to experienced editors to ensure the best possible results. 

Put up plenty of images

Don’t shy away from including multiple images of a product. The more the images, the easier it becomes for the buyer to decide. For example, Amazon allows a total of 9 images for a listing and a wise seller move would be to use all the 9 slots instead of less. 

Bonus tip: Use images in your product description too.

Including product images or infographics in the product description not only enhances the quality of your description content, but it also helps in forming a better impression on your target audience. This eventually helps with increased conversions. You can also include lifestyle photos instead of simple product pictures. 

So, these are some of the tips you can use to enhance the quality of your product photos. The ultimate goal must be to intrigue a visitor enough to convert them into a buyer, straight away.

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