Complete Ways to Generate Social Media Leads

Complete Ways to Generate Social Media Leads

Social Media Leads

In today’s competitive market, every business is trying to cut costs and increase revenue without neglecting any important aspects. Therefore, they are trying to find cheap and low cost options for every activity, including lead generation. Do you want to know the least expensive and easiest way for your business to generate social media leads?

The simple solution is none other but social media. The entire target audience of a business is using social media or some other form. As a matter of fact, statistics show that as of the third quarter of last year, Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users.

Therefore, if your business is not spending much time and attention on social media marketing, then you need to start it immediately. The problem is that most businesses are not aware of how to use social media to their advantage. You need to understand that it is very unrealistic to put a profile and then expect things to happen for your business.

It is necessary to find out how social media can be used to create solid leads. The good news is that even if you are new to this field, there are various simple and powerful strategies that you can use.

Listed below are foolproof methods you can use to build leads through social media;

Optimize your profile

First and foremost, you should not make the mistake of using a personal page to promote or advertise your business. No matter which social media network you are using, create a business profile as it will give you access to additional features that help your business grow. For example, if you create a business profile on Instagram, you will be able to link your Instagram Stories to your website, which will increase sales and traffic.

Another option that is highly recommended by experts is to use an email marketing service to add a Facebook sign up tab. You will find many options, such as Mailchimp. When creating your business page, you should also add a link to your website to your bio. In addition, the most relevant, popular and important posts should also be pinned to the top of your profile.

Advertised material

Gated content means that in reality; Content that is gated. Simply put, you can hide content behind a virtual gate and users will only be able to access this content when they provide you with their personal information. One of the best ways to increase your email list is to advertise this gated content on your social media account. Thus, if you have upgraded the content on your website, you can share it regularly through your social media profile.

In the case that you do not yet have any gated content, you can use a free tool, such as Canva, to create it. There are many items that can be converted into gated content, such as guides, PDF checklists, templates, calendars, and more. The only thing you need to remember is that the content you offer is relevant to the industry and something that your customers find interesting.

Host a live video or webinar

Another silly method you can use to generate leads is by hosting live video or a webinar on Instagram or Facebook. People are always ready to take the opportunity to join a free webinar where they will be able to get some useful and valuable insights. In general, live videos can be extremely useful to connect with your audience as it allows your customers to interact with you in real time. You should not only conduct these live videos and webinars, but you should promote them through all your social media accounts, not just the place where you are capturing them.

You have the option of presenting the webinar as a dated content, which means that users have to sign up to access it. This means that they will have to enter their email address and you will be able to capture their information. It is also an option to leave the webinar open and enjoy it to a wider audience. You can use them to direct them to a landing page or special offers where they will sign up.

Organize a contest

By organizing a contest on social media and offering an award the audience would love to win, a business is able to encourage a lot of interaction and a ton of shares, which brings in more leads. One option you can find out is to organize a photo contest. A business can ask their followers to submit their photo and their information or their website and the winner is chosen according to the number of votes received by the photo. Participants can also be encouraged to share contest posts with their family and friends. In addition, participants can encourage their near and dear ones to return to their page and time for voting purposes.

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