CHRISTMAS – The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

CHRISTMAS – The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

“Blessed is the season which involves the whole world in a conspiracy of love”. Many times you have thought as a child that Santa will come to give you gifts on Christmas. Sometimes you actually receive beautiful gifts as they are presents from your relatives and family.
Being one of those festivals that are celebrated around the world, it is important that we all know about this festival that we call Christmas.

Christmas is one of those festivals which is equally loved and enjoyed by both child and adults. It is all about sharing, caring and helping each other. In short its all about togetherness. On this special day, people remember Jesus Christ and his life lessons on this special day.

Importance of Christmas

We all know that Jesus Birth in this world is the beginning of wonderful things. It shows the importance of happiness and joy. It reminds us of the importance of giving and sharing with friends and family.

It is the essence of this festival that unites the people. Instead of our religious differences, we should learn the importance of Unity. Festivals have that power to keep people together irrespective of whether you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian for the betterment of mankind.

What happens on Christmas Day?

The day begins with the countdowns at 11:59 pm at night. Most of the families begin this special day by going to church where small children give beautiful performances and sing songs.

And then they join their families and friends or exchange gifts and celebrate with dance and music. Schools organize special events for this day in order to make children aware of the importance of this festival.

The common preparations include decorations of Christmas trees, lightning. Christmas tree brings Christmas spirit because it is all glittery and shining with decorations.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the important parts of the celebrations of Christmas. Children are sleeping early in hopes of getting a gift from Santa Claus when they get up the next morning. Santa’s arrival is celebrated by the most popular song JINGLE BELLS.

We all are so fortunate to have a family throughout the year, especially at the time of this special occasion to show them how much we love them and sharing some unforgettable moments with them on this special day.

Lessons that Christmas Teaches us

LOVE- The love that Christ taught us was much greater love Encompassing all of mankind. Our greatest strength is Love, we become the best version of ourselves.

KINDNESS- Most beautiful of all the lessons that Christmas Teaches us is Kindness. It is one of the most important values to live by in this World.

SACRIFICE- As Jesus Christ loved us who gave himself up for us. It is his deep love for all of us that led Jesus to sacrifice his own life for all of us or for mankind.

FAITH- The greatest lesson that Christmas taught us to have faith. AS we welcome Christ into our lives our faith in God intensifies.

You can also do some interesting activities in the Christmas break such as if you love to do something else, then you can join some further studies vocational training courses.

Because these courses are short term, in the future you will gain great experience to benefit you and your career.

Christmas is a time for us to be kind and to share. It can be tossing a couple of coin into the bucket of the bell ringer’s offering our time and work when we’d rather be cozy, warm and comfortable or celebrating Christmas.

We also invite someone to share our Love of Christmas dinner. All adds to the Christmas magic, and we’re never poorer to do it.

While we plan to indulge in these cheerful festivities of the season let us not forget about these valuable lessons that Christmas teaches us.

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