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Living in the U.S. is so fascinating especially when you are a home lover and seek out in-home entertainment by watching TV all day. In this way, you probably look for the best cable TV packages giving you all features you usually look for.

In 2019, TV entertainment is not as same as it was in the early 21st century because today we have a number of cable TV providers offering feature-rich cable TV packages in competitive prices. According to a survey conducted in the first quarter of 2019, each state in the USA has at least 9 cable TV providers having satellite TV, streaming TV and cable TV services.

As we have an increased number of cable TV providers and advanced technology, the features which are offered today with TV cable are totally amazing.

Let’s find out some key features of 2019’s cable TV packages

HD Channel quality is a must:

Watching Spiderman: Far From Home or John Wick in standard quality with scattered pixels is no fun. So, the providers are now offering HD programming as a primary feature in every package due to which the viewers are able to watch their favorite’s shows in 1080p pixels and brighter colors.

On-demand titles are added:

If we take a look back in the past, we would come to know that there was no concept of on-demand shows and people were totally depended on cable channels to air their favorite shows. But now everyone can watch anything anytime with on-demand shows where 10,000s of titles of kids programming, news, movies and sports are given as free to watch or paid content.

Fascinating advanced DVR

Today, almost every cable TV provider offers, either free of cost or at a minimal cost, HD DVR to unlock the ultimate features of in-home entertainment like Xfinity by Comcast cable TV packages come with X1 DVR.

These DVRs don’t only offer HD programming but recording of shows is one of their most prominent features which lets us record up to 500 hours of programming (vary by DVRs). Plus, pause, play, and rewind features are also given to play, pause or rewind even any live show.

You can even start a show in one and finish in any other room as these advanced DVRs connects multiple TV sets in different rooms wirelessly. Some DVRs are also supported with voice remotes which give ease of searching any title just speaking its name.

Premium Programming is now free:

The movie channels are not only limited to broadcast blockbuster hits but seasons are also a part of their programming. Even some of the channels like HBO, Starz, and Showtime have their own original series like Ballads, Outlast and True Detective which counts a great number of viewers.

 The TV viewers don’t need to buy each premium channel separate as some prominent TV providers are offering the whole channel suites of HBO, Showtime, Star, and Cinemax which gives you access to all your demanded shows at no additional cost like Xfinity Digital Premier package has all the premium channels included in the regular channel lineup

Sports add-ons for real Fans

Not a single person in the USA exists who doesn’t love to watch either basketball, baseball or football so every household looks for the packages which give channel lineup rich with the best sports programming and fulfilling this desire is now the priority of the providers.

In the cable TV packages, NFL Network has been added by most of the providers to offer their customers up to 40 out-of-market games every week, game analysis and season predictions without any commercial interruptions. Not only NFL Network but MLB.TV and NBA.TV has also been added which make the packages worth buying. And for the packages having no channel for a particular sport, there is always an option to add a sport package by paying a minor cost

Streaming Apps for on the go entertainment:

These apps allow you to watch your cable TV channels anywhere on the go just by connecting your device to the internet. Almost every provider is today offering a streaming app through which you can watch TV or access your DVR library to watch your recorded shows anytime anywhere. Not only on the go entertainment features, but these apps also give you easy access to DVR settings from anywhere.

Netflix for original series:

World most popular streaming service has just got fame instantly. Thousands of people have been subscribed to the service so far among which almost 40% subscribers are from the USA. The young ones and grown-ups just love to watch shows like Money Heist and Triple Frontier. Keeping in view the scenario, the Cable TV providers are now offering Netflix integrated services and Netflix channel like Frontier FiOS TV gives a separate channel to watch Netflix where subscribers can grab their desired shows any time.

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