Busting the Tops 8 Myths of Remote Working

Busting the Tops 8 Myths of Remote Working

Remote Working

Leave the old 9-to-5. Be your own boss. Work on your own terms. These are some of the sentences you will usually hear while talking about remote working. Thanks to the era of the internet and telecommunication, the trend of working remotely is on the rise. A report published in 2018 by Flexjobs states that almost 3.9 million employees in the US work from home and the number is expected to increase.

It has also been reported that remote work saves time, reduces stress and astonishes the productivity of the employers. Remote work is noticed as a boon for the employers also as it reduces costs, enhances workforce diversity, saves the office rent and helps in the expansion of the industries. But, many people still doubt if it is fruitful. So, let us debunk some myths about remote work and help you make a clear choice.

#1 No Work is Done Apparently

It is likely for people to assume that when you are working alone at home, your productivity would suffer. Some Netflix binge-watching and a little procrastination must be in the to-do list of the remote workers. But, the facts reveal something else. A study conducted by a Standford professor Nicholas Bloom revealed that the productivity of remotely working employees is equal or in fact better than the ones who work in the office. We guess avoiding office politics and not so small coffee breaks are doing wonders for the remote workers.

#2 Remote Working is Boring

Some people love the office environment and hence think that working from their living room would not be as exciting as sitting on their desks with people surrounding them. Well, working remotely gives you the spotlight. You will be creating your schedule, deciding where will you work and how much will you work. Of course, there will be some deadlines but it is all up to you how you are going to do the work. Hence, it is completely on you how you make working alone an interesting task.

#3 It is Difficult to Work Remotely

Staying away from Netflix can be tough for many while following a schedule when no one is watching can be tough for others. Hence, such people are likely to think that working remotely is difficult. We say it all depends on your interest and will power. Some people prefer setting up a home office while others prefer working at a cafe and find motivation. Some people feel better staying away from traveling hustle and office politics. For all such people, remote working is not hard at all.

#4 You Need to be Available 24/7

You are not expected to work round the clock and be available always on the phone while working remotely. In fact, many employers just expect employees to be available for certain hours for discussions and meetings while some ask their employees to work for a fixed number of hours every day. This means you are not obliged to be available all day long as you work remotely.

#5 Communication is a Problem With Remote Working

Many employees think that connecting with those working remotely is difficult. Skype meetings and chats on Google hangouts are not worth it. Well, all this is just a myth. In fact, remote communications are documented better. Hence, the employees pay attention to everything their availability and time zones. Moreover, communicating in the time of smartphones and the internet is not tough at all.

#6 Remote Work is Only for the Tech-Savvy

Another common myth about remote work is that it is for the tech experts, the programmers, coders, and computer geeks. But, in reality, learning how to use the tools is not that tough. Even if you face issues, you can always connect with the support team of your office. Google many times has all the answers. Lastly, you can always visit the office to learn the tools and then work without any trouble. After all, technology is now an inevitable part of our lives and we need to learn using new tools and software if we want to work in this era.

#7 Finding A Remote Job is Tough

If you think companies are not likely to hire remote employees, you are wrong. In fact, employers can save $10,000 a year on one employee by hiring remote workers. Hiring workers from different places across the globe has helped many companies in meeting their goals as they ended up finding amazing talents. It is now becoming easier to find remote jobs. From marketers to designers, finance experts, copywriters, teachers, and translators, remote jobs are now available for all.

#8 Working Alone means All-Lonely

Since you are not surrounded by your colleagues, it is likely for people to think that working remotely is lonely. However, there are ways to handle it. If you do not like working all alone at home, you can choose a cafe to sit for a couple of hours, call some friends home who also work remotely or join a group of coworkers. At last, you can always connect with your team and have a chat. In fact, it has been found that remotely working employees are likely to connect with their team better, according to the Gallup poll.

Working remotely demands self-discipline. You will be required to communicate with the team on a frequent basis but it gives you the power to decide how you would work on your own. We tried to bust off some of the common myths about remote working and we are sure as it will gain momentum in the coming years, all such myths about remote working will vanish on their own. What do you think about remote working? Do you prefer it? Share your views with us.



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