Are You Planning a Trek In Nepal? Keep Connected With These APPS

Are You Planning a Trek In Nepal? Keep Connected With These APPS


Lately, you might be ruminating about taking a break from the never-ending workloads, all of those tight schedules. Eagerly wanting to do something adventurous that relieves your soul and see something picturesque that calm your eyes. Trekking to the mountains can be a real escape from the hectic life and bustling crowd of the city. One who often looks deep into nature perceives deeper understandings of life. It has been quoted several times, with every walk-in nature one receives far more than he seeks. In this article, we will cover Nepal as destination.

Recently, Nepal is growing as one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world. The Himalayan nation located in south-east Asia awaits you to encounter the new experience filled with joy and fulfill your passion for adventure. Reward yourself with winsome scenery of serene mountains, diverse landscapes, high waterfalls and walk in the dense forest trails where the chirping of the free wild bird echoes. You will be living life-time memorable moments right after you land here in Nepal and take wonderful stories and boundless memories back home.

While planning for your trip, numerous things must be considered to take it all smooth and easy. Be it on architecturally rich cities or unexplored backside of the country, you ought to stay well informed about the place you stand and your next destination. You can enjoy your hassle-free trip anywhere at any given time this way.

Good information and well preparation beforehand help you minimize troubles that might show up on your vacation. Your valuable time can be spent on beautiful experiences rather than blowing your head up with unnecessary trouble. You are away from home, exploring and adventuring all the way. You would not want to miss the trail and wander for hours in the unknown.

Preparing for your trip, digging correct information about the place you are heading to, finding the best deals for your flight and hotels can hurt your head. Tracking your daily progress, making your travel itineraries, identifying and getting information about your surrounding topography is a must when you are on a remote trek. You wish you could pass these burdens and find something that can assist you during your time of travel.

We are going to talk through a few applications that might come handy while you are trekking in Nepal. These APPs are a true travel companion. Keep connected with these applications below and enjoy your precious moments while you are on vacation.

TripAdvisor APP

TripAdvisor APP

TripAdvisor is a free and easy to use application that helps you find the best deals and discover things to do around. It is an ideal application for backpackers, frequent flyers, business travelers and holidaymakers. Tripadvisor helps you with booking trips, find out the best places to accommodate and evaluate local sights. You can promptly have a good idea about the places, hotels, tours, and things to do around with 500 million-plus honest traveler reviews.

TripAdvisor compares more than 200 hotel booking sites for you to filter out the finest hotels with the lowest prices. Making online reservations at restaurants and hotels worldwide can be done easily in this app. Being new to a place is not so hard if you stay connected with Tripadvisor.

Today, technology advances have made remote travel quite safe and easy in comparison to past decades. There are enough tea houses/lodges and hotels across the trek route facilitated with the internet and electricity in Nepal. With a decent internet connection (be it cellular, satellite or wireless), the TripAdvisor app on your smartphone makes traveling much more fun and secure. If you are traveling to Nepal during peak season, trails are flooded with thousands of trekkers and visitors from around the globe. Tea houses and lodges that offer quality food, accommodation and services are limited. Chances are you might not make it to the desired place in time. A few minutes of navigation and you will be securing your hotel room with reasonable prices without worrying about spending the night in dining halls miserably. You can look for accommodation, get the contact details, reviews and even make an online reservation through the app.

TripAdvisor app is available for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. You can download and start to navigate with this App from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

PeakFinder APP

PeakFinder is the mobile app for you if you love mountains. The primary use of this app is to identify mountains and help orienteering in the mountains. PeakFinder recognizes more than 650k mountains. All you must do is align your phone’s camera and target it to the mountains. PeakFinder will identify the mountain as well as its elevation with a 360° panorama display. It functions both online and offline all around the world. PeakFinder functions with less battery consumption which is one of its best features. It is very convenient to use even when you are running out of battery.

Nepal is home to more than 1000 peaks above 6000m. Walking in the trekking trail, you will encounter various mountain series. You might just want to know the name and its details randomly. Curiosity may hit you anytime. This app is timely updated with information making it nearly flawless. You are simply able to know every individual mountain with PeakFinder in no time. PeakFinder has helped millions of users know about the unfamiliar mountains. It uses GPS to track your current location and maps(online) to select the viewpoint.

PeakFinder doesn’t hold much space on your smartphone as it has a file size of just 47.71 MB. It is a paid app but offers free trial also, which is a win-win situation. First, you can try the features of the app on your first trip and chose to buy for the later ones. PeakFinder app is available for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. You can download and start discovering with this App from Google Play Store or App Store at a reasonable price.

Google Maps APP

Google Maps APP

While talking about mapping applications, Google Maps is the prominent one as of now. The app is developed by Google for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It provides you with descriptive information about topographical regions and sites across the world. It offers a high-resolution aerial and satellite view of the street. It can help you discover new places like never before. You can explore local places, restaurants, activities that matter. Its most important feature is that it lets you measure the distance between two locations and the average time needed to cover the distance.

Google maps simply act as your guide as it will show routes and get directions for you. Google Maps will get directions for you whether you decide to drive, bike or walk to your destination. You can see buses and train departures from the Google Maps app. Multiple routes are displayed as gray out of which the best route to your destination is displayed blue.

Google Maps let you save an offline map of the area for driving. It also displays a Terrain view that lets users see terrain maps of a certain area. It lets you discover hidden gems across the routes. With Google map, you will be able to navigate through the various trekking routes in Nepal and also bookmark the places that matter to you. With all these features, Google Maps will definitely help you make a memorable trip to the mountains. You can download and start to navigate with this App from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

Altimeter Elevation APPS

A remarkable portion of the Nepalese Himalayan trails is at higher altitudes. Trekkers are extra conscious about the elevation they are standing at higher altitudes. Tracking the altitude gained and preparing to get to a certain altitude is necessary because of the possible risk of altitude sickness.

It is not absolutely necessary to buy a traditional Altimeter. Adding extra travel equipment on your fully loaded backpack is not a good option anyway. That’s where technology saves you, a smartphone and good altimeter elevation apps on it. You can keep an eye on the progress you are making on your trek. Supervise the altitude gained and keep it in control with the Altimeter Elevation app.

If you feel like getting one of those apps while trekking in Nepal, these apps below are some of the best in the market.

My Altitude APP

My Altitude is basically a measurement app that lets you measure altitude gained from sea level. It comes handy while doing high altitude treks to measure the gain in altitude and keep it under control.

Moreover, it determines your current location, displays barometric pressure and water boiling point as well.

This app is available for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. You can download and start to measure with this App from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

Barometer & Altimeter Pro

Barometer & Altimeter Pro is one of the best and suitable applications for trekkers and remote travelers. This app is advertisement free and also works perfectly with no internet connection.

This app is made targeting iOS users and it’s free.

The barometer in this app lets you know about the air pressure around your surrounding environment. You can get a rough idea about how the weather is likely going to be. This will certainly help you plan and prepare your trek itinerary.

In addition, it has an altimeter for measuring your altitude from the sea level. You can download and start exploring this app from App Store for free.

Distance Measuring APPS

Keeping the track of your covered distance is very essential while traveling. You must stay aware of your daily progress and also have an estimation about time, energy and preparation to get to the next point. This can be a lot of legwork that can be simply managed through an app on your smartphone. Trekking in Nepal is quite safe due to the reason that the trails are well marked. In case you need to estimate how much you have traveled past few hours; these apps will show you near to accurate results. Below are some of the widely used Distance Measuring Apps.

GPS Field Area Measure

You can measure distance and perimeter of an area with GPS Field Area Measure. This app is free and widely used by users across the world. It can be used without an internet connection which makes it feasible for remote travel. It displays an area of certain places in different units like square feet, acres, and kilometers as well. You can download and start measuring distance and area with this App from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

EasyMeasure-Camera Distance Measurement App

Everything about this app, the name says it all. It is the measurement app that calculates the distance to the point seen on camera. It will help you figure out the height, width, and distance between the two points. You can measure these things and even share it with your friends on various social platforms.

You can download and start measuring distance and area with this App from Google Play Store or App Store for free.

Weather Forecast APPS

Weather Forecast APPS

Before you start your journey each day on your trek, you should stay informed about the weather forecast. This helps you get prepared to face the challenges that might come up onwards. You can plan for your clothing and backpack accordingly with good weather information beforehand. Comfortable clothing suitable for weather conditions helps you get a better experience out of your trek.

You already planned your trek in Nepal. It is better to have a weather forecasting app that will save you from unwanted hassles. High altitude trek such as Everest Base Camp Trek might have unpredictable weather at higher points. Weather forecast apps on your smartphone will help you prepare for any challenges appearing from weather conditions.

Below are some of the best Weather Apps for Android and iOs. This will definitely make it easy to predict the weather conditions for you.


You have got to make sure you are moving in the right direction while you are traveling. You cannot risk it to get lost within the unknown terrain for hours without a single soul to ask for help. A compass is a handy tool that helps you figure out directions in an easy manner.

Digital Compass Application is something to be installed on your smartphone if you don’t want to risk getting confused on your trekking trail. These apps will not add an extra load on your backpack and show you accurate results about direction. For remote traveler and backpackers, a compass can be a life savior.

Below are some of the best Digital Compass Apps for Android and iOs. This will definitely make it easy to determine direction while you are traveling.

Final Say on Nepal and the APP


Trekking in Nepal has always been on your bucket list. Now the time has come to pack your bags and head straight to the wilderness. Keep connected with these above-mentioned apps to make your trip go smoother and in a convenient manner. Plan your to-do tasks and record your daily progress made with assistance from these apps. You can use these apps to enhance your beautiful experience here in Nepal. And, if you find these apps awesome, please do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

Have you been to Nepal? If yes, can you share your experience? If no, is it in your “Places to visit” list?


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