Advantages of being a Travel Blogger

Advantages of being a Travel Blogger

Who does not love traveling? If you have a passion for traveling as well as for blogging, then there are various advantages of being a travel blogger. Some of them are as follow:

As travel blogger, you can get free vacations

Hold on, don’t get too excited, it is a long journey. To achieve this milestone your travel site should be big and famous enough. Also you should be a well known travel blogger. You can have collaboration with a different travel agency, hotels and get free holidays. They ask for your review of the products and services they provide. With this exchange offer, you get a free holiday in different countries.

Share experience with the world

Travel blogging is all about sharing your stories and experiences. It gives you a platform and opportunity to show beautiful places all around the world. Many people travel but they are not able to share their part of the story, consider yourself lucky you are able to do so. Many people are looking for inspiration and motivation to travel, you can be the reason behind it.

Meet other travelers

Won’t it be amazing to meet other travelers and listen to their stories? Imagining it gives you goosebumps, how will you feel once you do it yourself? You will make new friends and collaborating with them can give you more exposure to the travel world. Like-minded people discussing the beauty of the world and methods to preserve it. You are doing a favor for yourself and planet earth by doing so.

A travel blogger earns some money

Travel blogging is also a means to earn money. You need to invest your time and hard work to earn a respectable amount of income. It is necessary to promote yourself and associate with different popular brands. You can allow Google to use your space for ads. Knowing and understanding your audience is the first thing. After this everything falls in the right place. Give yourself and business the required time to grow.

Inspire others

What is more spiritual than inspiring others? Traveling blogging allows you to do so. Inspiring others is one of the purest forms of emotion not everyone is capable of. They look at you and want to learn various things from you.

You are creating happiness in others’ lives. Their 9 to 5 jobs are making them hollow from inside and you are somehow filling that hollowness. They also desire to travel but cannot due to various reasons, you inspire them to take a vacation.

Ability to work from anywhere

Travel blogging allows you to work from anywhere in the world. You just need your laptop and a proper internet connection. This week you will be working from a coffee shop in Paris and next week on a Brazilian beach.

I once wrote a post while returning from the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. It was one of the best moments of my life. There is no office, office hours and that deadline pressure. It should not give you the wrong thought that it is an easy job. This job tastes your persistence.

Experience in different fields as travel blogger

While traveling you go through different places exploring different cultures and traditions. You will experience different values and norms from your native land. Unique landscape, language, lifestyle influence you to do something new and fruitful.

You will explore a different version of yourself through writing, marketing, photography and many more. Exploring hidden talents and finding the new one is really mesmerizing. Use these experiences and talents to evolve your business. You can also use these talents in different fields other than travel blogging. It is rare to find this exposure in any other job.

Are you a travel blogger? Can you share your experience?

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