9 Suitable Software To Try For Your eCommerce Business As Live Chat Feature

9 Suitable Software To Try For Your eCommerce Business As Live Chat Feature

Live Chat

With the passage of time, companies these days are trying to deploy different tools to look after the online customer properly. Only a client-oriented organization can survive the cut-throat competition. Moreover, the service of live chat helps in converting an eCommerce website visitor into a customer in less time.

That is why adding the right live chat software is one of the most essential parts of all the companies to help with a fruitful solution to the customers in less time.  According to the study of the proactive chat which was conducted to look for the growth of live chat. Around 44% of the online clients say all the chat agents help in resolving their queries when they were trying to purchase any product and where confused about it. They helped in knowing all the features carefully.

Live chat software allows you to give an instant answer to questions about various products and assures that customers are well attended. It is one of the easiest recipes that improve customer service and loyalty.

We all know that live chat for eCommerce is better as well as remarkable because of the best service that it offers to the customers who visit the website for getting assistance. By using such software, a person can easily communicate with n number of customers without paying any amount.

Benefits of eCommerce live chat support are as follows


Benefits of eCommerce live chat support are as follows

  • A lot of issues of the customers are resolved in eCommerce customer service and making it more effective and time-saving for the customer as well as the organization
  • Sales increases: Live chat support helps in lead generation from your eCommerce store visitors. Also, when the customer gets satisfied, it has a direct proportion to sales. More satisfied is the customer, more is the sales.
  • Problem resolution is faster: On the live chat problem resolution speed fastens and the problem gets resolved quickly.
  • Competitive advantage: With live chat service, the organization tends to have an advantage over the competitors.

There are different types of Live chat tool is available in the market. So, one should make sure that they look for the best software for the organization that can help in increasing the profit of the organization accordingly. Some paid, some unpaid along with different features and functionalities. We will discuss this one by one below:

1) JivoChat – Apps for every Device


It originates from Russia and has its presence over lakhs of websites around the globe. It has a separate application that can be used for iOS and Android mobiles. There is an option of receiving voice calls as well on this software via another system. 

The basic version comes free of cost while the paid version starts from $13 which involves automatic triggers, along with the information of all the visitors.

At an attractive price, this system is cool to use and has been accepted worldwide by lacs of websites. Usability is an area where they can lag behind their competitors at some stage.

2) LiveChat- One of the biggest

Live Chat

Live chat is a polish company and currently, it has 24000 clients across the world. It is one of the systems loaded with lots of features for the users.

The starting version is the starter and costs $16. It has 3 other variants with names

  • costs $33
  • costs $50
  • costs $149

All these prices are per month and are billed annually. The charges are per seat and multiple people can work on one system if they don’t work simultaneously. This is the biggest advantage that Live Chat enjoys over the other systems in the market. Prices are on a higher side but one of the reliable chat software with a bundle of features to ease the eCommerce business..

3) LiveAgent: Chat to your customer Face to Face


This is a Europe based live chat system that supports multiple languages of the world. It offers universal inbox, automated ticket distribution, hybrid ticket stream, and many more features for eCommerce store.

This system works per agent basis and the pricing is as follows:

  • $9 per agent
  • Chat: $29 per agent
  • Inclusive: $39 per agent

All these pricing are per month. This is preferred for the business where video chat functionality is required.

4) Olark: Easy to use and Fun

Olark Live Chat

This is one of the most appreciated systems which is widely used all over the place. Their team’s presence is felt strongly in major countries to ensure their customers are getting support.

They have a 14 day trial period where they allow you to get used to the software and then charges for the plans. It has automation features that allow sending automatic messages when a visitor visits your online store.

The plans available are as follows:

  • Free: $0
  • monthly: $17
  • Billed yearly: $ 15
  • Billed bi-yearly: $12
  • They have different themes available for the user interface which makes it a pleasing software to use. Recommended for the eCommerce businesses where automation chats are necessary and required for every customer. 

5) PureChat: Unlimited Everything


It is another free live chat software. It is a USA based company. It has 10,000 satisfied customers under its belt and is ever-increasing. It provides features of unlimited chats with unlimited operators.

The pricing plans of Pure Chat are as follows:

  • Free: $0
  • PRO: $79

Prices per month billed yearly.

Its analytics system is efficient and tracks all customer’s details in an effective way. This system is really recommended for eCommerce store where there are unlimited operators and real-time makes a huge difference. 

6) SnapEngage- Team Work

SnapEngage Live Chat

It is the best software that is offering support in 5 languages namely English, Spanish, French, etc.

Their target markets are companies with no budget constraints as their package begins at $60 per month. It involves co-browsing, where it provides a feature to share the screen. Other than this, their omnichannel support and reporting & analytics make it one of the best software for eCommerce industry.

7) Tawk.to Live Chat


Software for Businesses that wish to communicate with customers and visitors on their website, mobile app or from a free customizable page.

It provides the features of Geographical targeting, screen sharing, proactive chat, website visitor, canned responses and offline form submission for missed customers.

The pricing starts from $1 for an hour for Live Agents, available up to 24/7.

They are serving only 2 customers concurrently which at times is difficult and inefficient.

8) Smartsupp – Analyse Your Visitor’s Every Movement


It is one of the software which brings live chat analytics to the picture. They have a free plan which involves unlimited chat for unlimited agents. One should add on to the STANDARD plan for recording the communication with the online clients.

The pricing for Smartsupp are as follows:

  • Free: $0
  • STANDARD: $8 per agent
  • PRO: $19 per agent

The chart bars present in the software are at times difficult to manage. Live analytics is an added advantage of this system over the others.

9) Formilla Live Chat


According to their website, there are already 13,000 companies using their products. The company offers a trial period of around a month for one chat so that the person can use this software accordingly. It has a lead generation tool that is not part of the free package.

This tool helps you grow your newsletter list using pop-up messages and hello bars. Formilla makes a gleaming impression and is pretty affordable at $11.99/monthly per agent.

LiveChat is the best chat software to use

LiveChat is one of the leading software that must be tried by all the organizations these days. It makes sales integration, measuring It is because the features that are offered by this software is must better and reliable as compared to any other chat software online. It allows to reach the best prospects on your ecommerce website and guide them to a sale.

So, try and invest in a reliable software that can help in boosting the goodwill of the organization accordingly. This software consistently demonstrated that it can save the time of employees and can cut down phone expenses. It can even help you to expand the market reach without investing much amount.

No system is good or bad to use in today’s world. Every software has its pros and cons and one stands over others in different aspects. So, there are several points that need to be considered before finalizing your web live chat software.

These are,

  • Budget: What is your budget that will be allocated to this activity.
  • Nature of Job: What is the nature of the job for which you are incorporating this functionality? Do real-time changes make a difference or not?
  • Team Size: How many people will be allocated to this and how many agents are there for this work. Depending upon what you need to select the system and the plan.

As mentioned above, these are some factors that influence your decision. The real decision was correct or not this only time will tell. Good Luck!


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