8 Best Investment tips and easy trading ideas for 2019

8 Best Investment tips and easy trading ideas for 2019

Investment tips

If you are looking to know when and where invest your money, we are giving some Investment tips in this article. Keep on reading to find out more. For any additional question, please use the comments box below.

Experts are saying that US stock market is the best among the top global markets in the current market scenario in the year 2019. Even though big investors are looming into the lap of US stock markets but making money in US equities is not that easy. The market is volatile and trends are showing that major global markets are getting affected by the geopolitical issues and economic tensions in major economies.

So, how should you plan your investment?

Before you plan your investment in US equities ask yourself one question how long you are planning to invest. As with this answer, the planning for investment depends a lot. For short-term investment, there are many factors which may vary and that don’t need to be taken into consideration when the investment tenure extends.

What is risk appetite?

It is the amount of the risk you are prepared to take on your investment. There are prime factors to decide or set the level of risk tolerance like

1) Amount of fund you are investing and what is your backup fund.

2) What sectors & the stocks you are investing and their recent time performance.

3) The time period of the investment you are planning

4) Calculating the value of the return you are expecting in terms of risk tolerance.

5) Intrusions – least important factor but sometimes it works with experience.

But experts always suggest when you are new in the market better to minimize your risk appetite and gradually grow with experience.

For smart investments, always make good research which will increase better chances of profitability in this market.

Best 8 Tips to invest in US stocks for the year 2019:

Best 8 Tips to invest in US stocks

1) Choose the sectors you are interested to invest, and understand the sectors are cyclical or non-cyclical. With higher volatility to minimize the risk invest in defensive sectors like

2) Pick the stocks you want to invest and have a clear motive behind your investment.

3) Check the stock’s MTD, QTD & YTD performance, financials, technical analysis, and more insights. For Example Apple. Check out the performance.

4) Compare with its top competitor performances & growth

5) Evaluate its alternatives to choose the best to invest in the current market.

6) Always try to buy good stocks at a lower price than buying low stocks.

7)Your entry and exit timing will be an important factor in your investment, as great investors always say on selloffs and book profit on the appreciation.

8) If you are planning for long-term, betting on dividend then choose the best dividends stocks to invest.

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