7 Step Approach To Vape Properly For A Satisfying Vaping Experience

7 Step Approach To Vape Properly For A Satisfying Vaping Experience

Vaping experience

If you are new to this whole vaping scenario, there are quite high chances that you are extremely disappointed with your very first vaping experience. Well, you’re not alone; many beginners share the same feeling. There is nothing to worry about because with few tips and tricks, you will be able to get it completely right.

If you know how to vape properly, you start enjoy each and every hit and this is something that every vaper must know from the very beginning of their journey. A little research equipped with this guide will ensure a vaping session that you would thoroughly enjoy.

So, here is our 7 steps guide to what we call a proper and satisfying vaping experience.

1.     Choose the right vape pen

Believe it or not – all the vape pens does not deliver same experience. Not to mention, your vaping experience depends so much on your vape pen and therefore you must invest in the best vape pen in your budget. Also, there are so many types of vape pens available in the market. There are separate pens of oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. Then there are the vape pens that can be used to vape all of these. Therefore, before choosing a right vape pen for you, make sure you know what you want to vape with it.

2.     Right choice of vaping material

The very first step to a pleasing vaping experience is to select the vaping material that you will thoroughly enjoy. So ask yourself what you want to vape. Is it essential oil, or concentrates, or simply the dry herb? Once you have picked one, then choose the flavor of your choice – something that works best for you. No matter what you choose, buy only premium quality of it to ensure stronger, intense, and a powerful vapor. Your choice of vaping material will improve with time and experimentation.

3.     Charge your vape pen battery to full

Charging your vape pen is imperative and one of the most important steps because you don’t want to spoil your experience because of low battery and run to charge it while you are in the middle. Trust me; this is the worst thing ever. Therefore, it is important that you keep your battery full before you start vaping. At the same time you must be aware of your vape pen’s battery life so that you know how long it lasts. If its battery life is low, you would prefer to keep extra batteries with yourself.

4.     Use a clean device

If your vape pen is not new or you are using someone else’s vape pen, make sure it is clean before you put your material in it. After vaping, most of the oils, herbs, and concentrates leave their residue in the pen. Clean it off completely before putting your stuff in it. Otherwise you might get a mixed foul taste or the burnt taste in your hits. This is the last thing you want to experience while you are vaping.

5.     Take Slow Hits

Even if you are using the best oil vape pen, it is important that you inhale the vapors slowly. This is important for two reasons:

  1. You get the purest taste and feel the flavor in every vapor you inhale
  2. Vaping slowly prevents the possibility of harsh throat hits

Throat hits are the biggest villains of a good vaping experience because they ruin the entire feel. Therefore, keep it slow and steady. Contain your excitement and vape with patience for a calming effect.

6.     Short or long drags

If you’re asking me about whether you should take longer or shorter drags, let me explain you one thing – vaping is all about longer but slower drags. The shorter drag will not allow enough oil or concentrate across the heating element of the vape pen and will leave you with an unsatisfying experience. On the other hand, longer drags ensure more enjoyable vaping experience and eliminate the chances of ingesting excess oil or herbs. If you are looking for a satisfying vaping experience, try to avoid shorter drags as much as you can.

7.     Proper inhalation technique

Pro vapers often recommend the beginners to take 3-7 draws on their vaporizer before they start holding the vapors in their mouths for several seconds. After holding the vapors for some seconds, you can either exhale directly or inhale the vapors into your lungs first. For those looking for that keep in might that the vapors from a vaporizer will take around 30 seconds for the body to absorb and offer the lung it. This is because of the reason that vapor particles are much larger than smoke molecules and take some time to be absorbed as deeply into the lungs.

These steps would really be useful for a great vaping experience. Once you have finished vaping, clean your device, and keep it in dismantled form. This ensures the smooth functioning and durability of your device.

I hope you learned something from this post. If you have more advice, please use the comments box below.

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