7 mistakes you should avoid in your next email outreach campaign

7 mistakes you should avoid in your next email outreach campaign

Any well-established blogger will tell you that the most effective way of gaining organic traffic and getting conversions is  doing email outreach campaign. However, there are common pitfalls that can lead you down a spiral of no replies and gain you nothing but frustration.

If you are a newbie, your messages will often be ignored when you reach out. This can make you lose your industry’s key marketing influencers. I mean, you can’t exactly force open someone’s eyes to read your message. All you can do is hit send and pray for a reply.



Well, the good news is through practice and patience we were able to discover 7 common mistakes that you should avoid in your next email outreach campaign:

1.    Only focusing on what you want rather than focusing on what they need

With all businesses virtually shifting online, every business owner wants their website to be ahead in the game.

Outreach campaigns are executed to achieve quality backlinks, to share content or products, and to promote the brand name.

Now, if they also want what you want, maybe you have something to offer in exchange?

When drafting an email for your campaign, do not just craft a template and send it to countless marketers. Research about them to understand what you can offer them. If all you do is ask for what you need, nobody is going to pay attention to you.

Tell them what you liked about their service or product, so the recipient knows that you are not just blindly shooting emails to everyone, waiting for something to stick. Then find a nice segue into asking them to share your content. Most business owners will accept quality content in a heartbeat.

2.    Trying to cover up your lack of research by using flattery

While most of the marketers are bound to just skim through an email, many, especially startups will read your email from front to end.

Many marketers will try to cajole the recipient rather than doing research. They will tell them how amazing their article was or how much they learned from it without going into any specific details.

But you should know, the jig is up! They know you didn’t read the article. A better approach is to skim through their content and give an honest opinion about it. All you need are a few lines showing them that you did your research.

Sharing original thoughts while avoiding flattery will establish confidence with the recipients and get you more replies.

3.    Not personalizing your Emails

Studies show that personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates.

An email without a proper introduction and greetings is not likely to get a response.

If your email only talks about your content or your promotional ideas, it is bound to strike the wrong impression and come off as a little narcissistic. Remember, Narcissus drowned while staring at his reflection! You don’t want a similar fate.

Make the recipient feel like a part of the conversation and give them something they can reply to. Personalized emails are guaranteed to give you better open rates.

Introduce yourself and give them original thoughts to read. Moreover, personalized emails will show the recipient that you have taken an interest in actually reading about them.

4.    Writing a generic subject line

When an email notification pops up on your mobile, all you see is the subject line. Will you open it if it looks spammy or uninteresting?

If you have worked hard on every other aspect of your email outreach campaign and go lazy with the subject line, all your efforts will amount to nothing. Pointless subject lines or those which speak nothing about the content within are less likely to be opened, read, or replied to.

Studies show that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

5.    Not following-up with the sent emails

There are two reasons why someone would not send follow-up emails. First, they are plain lazy or second, you think follow-up emails make you look pushy and can come off as borderline annoying.

Contrary to common belief, follow-ups will increase the chances of getting replies. At the very least, you will get some feedback. Which is still better than nothing!

6.    Writing lengthy emails

Bigger is not always better. You do not need to list every product or service you offer in every email you send. Your email is more likely to get lost in a sea of emails if it’s too long.

Nobody is going to read a long email that takes up too much time. So, keep your message short and to the point. Talk about facts rather than filler phrases to make you sound good. Ask them questions or offer something of value.

They are not going to read your life story of how you made it on your own! But if you have something of value to give them, a short message will suffice.

7.    Not running spell check before hitting send

Outreach emails are important professional emails. Silly typos or grammatical errors make you look uninterested and lazy. Not to mention that if you cannot even draft a simple email without making mistakes, who is to say that a guest post won’t be riddled with mistakes too?

Show that you are a professional who is keen on details. A simple tool like Grammarly will help you avoid such errors.


Any email outreach campaign is bound to face a lot of rejection. Do not let that dishearten you. Come back with a new gusto every day even if you got no replies the other day. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

If it’s your first time doing outreach, make a strategy and keep evolving with every snag you hit. No one can entirely prepare you as you will have your unique hurdles to cross.

However, avoiding these 7 most common mistakes will help you get started:

  1. Not focusing on the recipient’s needs.
  2. Using flattery instead of researching the recipient’s work.
  3. Sending generic emails and not personalizing them.
  4. Not personalizing the subject line.
  5. Not sending follow-up emails.
  6. Writing wordy emails.
  7. Sending an email without checking it for typing or grammatical errors first.


About Author: Aditya Sharma is a passionate entrepreneur, traveler, and marketing enthusiast, Aditya lives and breathes Hiration — an AI-powered online resume builder and platform to help professionals land their dreams jobs, one job-seeker at a time.

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