6 effective ways in which education will change by 2030

6 effective ways in which education will change by 2030

Education by 2030

We are in a time where the internet has become more important than any other piece of technology. With the authorization of rapid digitalization paired with technological determinism, we have already faced a lot of difference in this second decade of the new millennium. Now, we have a lot more to witness in the upcoming years, all thanks to continuous technological up-gradation.

Every single field on earth has witnessed technological up-gradation in this century. The world has come forward with the invention of different equipments and gadgets that has reduced human pressure. Thus, remarkable changes have been noticed. This blog is about the upcoming changes in the field of education with the huge growth of technology. Read more to know what changes will be witnessed in the field of education by 2030.

The learning process and environment have already experienced the omnipresence of the internet.  Therefore, students are technically upgraded. They know how to use computers, laptops and also use the internet for their academic courses.  Read more to know how students will have a different experience altogether by 2030:

The changes that the education system might witness

  • Invention of Holo-classroom: – Making holograms in the classroom is a reality still in process. However, 3D technology has already been introduced in the education process, and Holostudy is yet to revolutionise the field of education.

According to Alexey Yakubov, the CEO of HoloGroup, a Russian based company of HoloStudy- “Pictures and Videos simply do not do its justice. You have to experience it for yourself”. As virtual reality is still a hot topic in different tech-programs, the world is likely to witness the concept of holo-classroom. Virtual reality will bring in a new dimension to the learning process where students can experience augmented reality through technology. For example, history student can visit Ancient Rome or Medical student can perform virtual surgery.

If this process can be implemented, there will be no other way to make the total environment interesting and engaging.

  • Establishment of more online courses:-

Although, availing online study or distance study is not a new thing in the field of education, but in the near future, it is expected that people can obtain educational credentials without even leaving their homes. Technology can give people the ability to be somewhere and experiencing something totally unrelated. Therefore, when it is about distance learning for international students, it will bring a new dimension in the upcoming years. Even now, there are many things that people can achieve online starting from online diploma courses to essays writing services. By 2030, the world will witness more innovation with the digital learning process. This will also usher in a scope for exploration and welcome new opportunities for learning.

Moreover, students can become more technically equipped. They can easily handle their project works and assignments. Although, it is almost unimaginable that there will be no institution buildings and engaging lectures for the students anymore, online courses are indeed helpful in surpassing the challenges associated with the boundaries of place and time.

  • Booming robotics technology:-

This is also not a new thing in the field of technology. Already, people are into the predictions that the world will be run by the robots in future and humans will be obsolete or enslaved. Many of the sci-fi novelists have claimed the same. However, it is not predicted that robots will totally overpower the world or there will be a significant rise of Skynet or morally ambiguous robots. But, as robotics technology is already a part of many industries; education is also likely to implement the same by 2030. Many researchers speculate that Universities will focus more on developing robotics technology so that students can learn to think and apply the same logical instead of just learning from textbooks.

This will help the students to understand abstract concepts and adaptability will also increase in the same way.  If this can be implemented, then the third decade of the millennium is likely to witness a remarkable change in the field of education. Nevertheless, it is still incredible that human beings will be replaced by robots.

  • Globalization of higher education:-

The process of globalizing the higher education has started by introducing various online courses. With the usage of online courses, assignment help services, online tutors and many other initiatives, the globalized form of education may reach a different level in the upcoming years. The world has already witnessed that the concept of 9-5 jobs in office is also decreasing as people get an enormous scope for earning by sitting at their home and working online.

In the field of education too, knowledge will be easily accessible to the students and they will not face any unnecessary problems while studying. 2030 may bring certain revolutions in the education genre.

  • Cloud-based assessment :-

It will be the rule of the future education and there is no denial of the fact. Researchers say that cloud-based education will bring better aggregation of the students’ metrics, flawless visual assessment result along with more efficient data sharing. Cloud computing is not a new thing in the field of technology, but in the case of students’ assessment, it is indeed an innovation.

This change will be remarkable and students will be benefitted in different ways. When the assessment will be saved in the cloud, there will also be no chance of the data getting deleted or misplaced in any way. Thus, it is also a secured process.

  • Portable artificial intelligence devices:-

With a rapid growth in education, there is a high probability that the education sector will witness portable artificial intelligence devices. This will also become a revolution because portable devices will help the students to understand and experience a lot of things.

Breaking the age-old tradition of studying the textbooks will become a history by 2030. The whole process of learning will witness a change and students will be more focused on technical learning rather than opting for bookish knowledge.

How technological up-gradation has changed the world?

However, there is a negative side of every revolution. As the world has witnessed a lot of technological changes, many things have changed since then. Email has replaced letters and WhatsApp and Facebook have almost substituted human interaction.

Education is a genre in which less human interaction will lead to a very less scope of learning and fail to assist the children when they are trying to acquire the basics of it. Thus, there is always a fear of losing human interaction and relationships as more and more products of technology get involved.

Here are some of the negatives of technological up-gradation:-

  • Affects human relationship
  • Unable to do something without technology
  • People can become lazy
  • Negative impact on cognition on brain and mind
  • A human brain can start functioning like a robot.
  • In near future, robots can replace humans
  • Replacing humans can lead to unemployment
  • Unemployment can affect the economic growth rapidly

Technology is indeed an indispensable part of human lives. It is unimaginable to spend a single day without the technologically advanced gadgets that simplify our lives.  As research brings out, these rapid changes in the field of education will keep the children motivated by transcending the boundaries of age-old classrooms.

Author Bio:-  This is Ammie Jackson is a content marketing professional, Previously, worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing and currently associated with Myassignmenthelp platform.


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