5 Ways to Make Money Online and Get Out of Debt

5 Ways to Make Money Online and Get Out of Debt

Get Out of Debt

Debt can feel like quicksand. One minute you feel like you are making progress and the next you get hit with a series of unexpected fees, expenses or penalties which knock you back down the stairs to step one on your trek to living a debt free life. In this article, we are going to talk about five ways to make money online and get out of debt.

1. Sell Your Belongings on eBay

When you are desperate need of money and asking questions like, “If I owe student loans will I get a tax refund,” you need to get serious about getting out of debt. One of the easiest ways to do this is by getting rid of things you have that you don’t need. Getting started selling your belongings on eBay is straightforward and simple, and there are many tutorials online. Even if you aren’t able to get full price for your things, you should strongly consider this option if you need cash quick.

2. Become an Amazon Seller

Becoming a seller on Amazon opens up a world of loyal shoppers. People know Amazon and don’t think twice about spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars in purchases through the platform. Whether you are selling your own products, or you are selling affiliate products on Amazon.

If you want to know how to calculate your profits and ROI from Amazon Sales, you may use a FBA calculator.

3. Make Crafts and Sell on Etsy

Are you a crafty person? Etsy is a great place for people that make their own jewelry, paintings, crochet crafts and more. You can find almost anything under the sun on Etsy when you want to find a novelty gift or get something fun for yourself. Other people are online looking for the same things. Instead of being a buyer this time, you can be a seller.

4. Affiliate Marketing

There is so much to be said when it comes to affiliate marketing. There are many different ways to approach affiliate marketing, so if you’ve tried it before and failed, you should know that every program isn’t the same.

When you are looking for an affiliate program with which you want to partner, there are some key things you need to look for. One of those things is whether or not they charge you to be an affiliate. If a company requires that you purchase one-time or multiple times to have access to their products, you don’t want to work with this company. You should also check the percentage of the sale that you are receiving a commission. If you are working with an affiliate program that has a digital product, you are likely to receive a higher percentage of the sale than products that are physical. While this is true, many people are more likely to trust a physical product over a digital download.

When you keep those things in mind before you get started with affiliate marketing, you are much more likely to have a smooth road ahead. Being fully educated on methods of promotion, conversion rate optimization, and things like email list building is extremely important if you want to move to the top as an affiliate marketer.

5. Virtual Assistant Jobs

While it might have seemed far-fetched in the past that you would be able to be an assistant to someone through the internet, the truth is that this is possible. Many tasks are completed online and do not need anyone to be somewhere physically. If you enjoy working from home and are good on the computer, a virtual assistant job could be what you are looking for when it comes to a job.

There are many tasks that virtual assistants perform on a day to day basis. Some of the popular tasks are listed here:

  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Following up with clients
  • Basic report creation
  • Slideshow Prep
  • And many more

If you can think of something that doesn’t require you to be there in person, you should be able to do it over the internet. Write down a list of things you can think of and build upon them through research and brainstorming.

Depending on the level of skill it takes to perform any given task will depend on the amount of compensation that is due. The more valuable skills that you develop, the more money you will be able to generate as a virtual assistant. You should also know that being a general virtual assistant (VA) pays less money than being a specialist. If you can specialize in a given area, you will be more likely to succeed at getting paid the amount of money that you want.

Final Thoughts on Getting Out of Debt

When it comes to getting out of debt, the simpler you keep it, the better. You do need to raise your income as much as possible, but you also need to stop overspending. If you are bringing in money and spending it, you won’t have any to pay toward your debt and things will continue to spiral downward.

Tracking your spending down to the penny is one of the things that is helpful to many people. Often, we have no idea that we spend so much money on one thing or the other and it can be a wakeup call when we do see where our money is going.

Use the above tips to increase your earnings so you can start working on getting out of debt and living a life without quicksand.

If you have any experience working and making money online, leave a comment and share your experience in the section below.


About Author: Gary Wilkinson is a 28-year-old internet marketer and content writer from the North of England. In his articles, he gives advices on how to get out of debt.

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