5 Reasons To Consider Deploying Guest Blogging

5 Reasons To Consider Deploying Guest Blogging

The thing about blogging is that writing your posts happen to be the easiest part of it. All the hard work and difficulty lies in promoting your blog and driving some quality traffic to it. But no matter how hard you try, the numbers in readership just don’t seem to be coming!

You soon end up reading almost every available article on the web that offers tips and tricks to improve your blog traffic. And, if you are one of those bloggers who have done this at least once, you surely must have noticed that guest-blogging seems to be a strategy recommended by almost every author who has written on this topic.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is the creation of fresh content and publishing it on a third-party website with no direct relation to you. With the effective results it manages to get, guest blogging has turned into a widely adopted technique in the world of blogging. If you are still wondering how guest blogging could benefit your blog, here are some definite pointers to convince you.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

# 1 Regular Guest Blogging makes you a Better Writer

Writing is an art and just like for any other form of art, practice makes you perfect in it! With the need for regular contributions to be made for blogs you guest post in, you would be writing more frequently and this is sure to improve your writing skills and turn you into a more competent writer.

For certain popular blogs, the competition is huge and the articles you send in should be of superlative quality. Managing to get your posts published on such blogs would do your confidence a world of good. Also, most blog owners give an honest feedback about your work and it would help you grow as a writer and focus on the areas that demand improvement.

# 2 Increased Readerships and Identity in the Blogging Network

There is nothing more a writer wants than getting a few more eyes to look at his/her work. You do all the hard work to come up with an engaging and informative post and it hurts if just a handful of people are reading it. This might be the case with your blog as the readership is limited to the regular set of people that belong to your friends’ circle and close-knit network.

But, with a guest post on a more popular blog which has more regular viewership, the post you write will get a wider audience and bigger reach. With an author bio included in the guest post, you start to get a better identity as a writer and the readers and other bloggers in the network become aware of your presence and expertise. As you become more established and popular as an expert writer in your niche, it will help bring positive results for your own blog.

# 3 Driving Referral Traffic Using Backlinks to your Blog

The blogs you guest post on might be having much better traffic and readership compared to yours. With effective guest blogging, you can drive referral traffic to your blog as well. Most blogs offer an author bio area for the guest bloggers to write about themselves, which could be used to promote your blog and provide a link to it. If this isn’t the case, you can also use the comments section of the blog to reply to the readers and leave a link to your blog (only when relevant and necessary).

Wherever relevant, the body text of the blog post could also be used to leave backlinks to a few posts on your blog. This should only be done if you have posts that are closely related and are useful to the context of your guest post. Avoid spamming at any cost. If readers are impressed by your writing skills and expertise in the niche, there is a good chance that they may pay a visit to your blog and improve its viewership.

# 4 Google Loves Quality (And Only Quality) Guest Blogging

Google is like that boss you have to impress at work to climb up the rankings! And, Google search ranking is the most important factor for getting higher traffic and more visits to your blog. To improve your search rankings, you should be applying proper SEO by doing things that Google values the most. These include but not limited to great content, website credibility, on-page & technical SEO, backlinks, website performance, user experience and so much more.

The Google search rankings do seem to give a certain weight for quality backlinks. Websites and blogs that have significant backlinks to it have a better chance of getting a higher ranking than the ones that don’t. Quality guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to come up with quality backlinks.

# 5 Entry into the Network of Bloggers

Guest blogging gives you a wild card entry into the big world of bloggers. It turns you into a significant part of the blogging network and even helps you build relationships with other affluent bloggers and writers. This works in your favour as bloggers in the same niche often work together and promote each other’s blogs and posts. You can also invite them to do guest posts on your blog. And, associating with such popular bloggers and writers enhances the credibility of your blog. 


Choosing the right blog for you to guest post on is also extremely important. Make sure that the chosen blog has a decent viewership and it helps more if its genre and niche is somehow related to the theme and forte of your blog.

Also, it isn’t good enough to just come up with a high-quality guest post. You should dedicate some good time towards it and remain active once your post is published. Reply to the comments, appreciate any type of feedback and continue to assist your readers if they need help.

If done right, guest blogging could get you the right results you are looking for. It gives you a much wider audience and reach, and in the process helps you gain significant exposure as well!

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