4 Ways Guerrilla Content Marketing Can Amplify Your Marketing Efforts With Minimal Cost

4 Ways Guerrilla Content Marketing Can Amplify Your Marketing Efforts With Minimal Cost

Guerrilla Content Marketing

When you think of guerrilla content marketing, what comes to mind? Like me, your mind may conjure up images of military ambushes, raids, sabotages and hit-and-run tactics employed in war. 

But it has nothing to do with traditional warfare. Neither is it an-all-out content war between a big brand and a ‘small’ one. 

And can I be totally honest with you? Guerrilla content marketing is more about choosing to use unconventional methods, ideas and tactics that grabs the attention of the public in a more personal and memorable way. 

Therefore, the end result of every guerrilla content marketing campaign is to charm your audience, and get them hungry to know more about your brand. Sounds easy isn’t it? But… 

Fact: guerrilla content marketing applies innovative, low-cost content ideas to get greater exposure. It flourishes on the element of surprise. That’s right. You present old or new ideas creatively, using eye-catching tactic that applies the element of surprise. 

So let’s get down to business. Most successful guerrilla content marketing strategies are basically tactile and interactive. For starters, they engage viewers and make them active participants of the content instead of passive observers.

Here are four ways guerrilla content marketing tactics can amplify your marketing campaigns:

Build Strategic Partnerships

With guerrilla content marketing, you present solutions to everyday situations your viewers face in a new slant. Hence, collaborations between local businesses, companies, organizations, university campuses, hotels etc., are created. Making it easier for you to build ongoing partnerships and target your ideal audience more easily.

Generate Free Publicity For Your Brand

A guerrilla content marketing campaign, if executed properly, is one of the easiest methods you could use to generate word of mouth buzz and media exposure for your brand. Which you’d agree has a much greater value than say, paid advertising.

Works With a Low Budget

Guerrilla content marketing is not affected by a modest budget. At its core, guerrilla content marketing is an exciting way to engage with your customers without breaking the bank. It’s cost effective, and can help build brand awareness and promote your service. 

Remarkable And Memorable

 A successful guerrilla content marketing campaign can evoke strong emotions in its viewers. Basically because it is tactile, interactive and immersive, as opposed to passive marketing campaigns. 

It takes advantage of the element of surprise, or even shock which stuns its viewers and leaves a lasting impact on them.

Here’s one company’s story:

The Three Orange Men’ publicity stunt by Pepsi circa 1995.

The place is Lagos, Nigeria. Commuters are seen moving through the bustling city, some are headed for work. 

It started off as a rumor. There were reports from the western part of the city that three strange looking men, clad in black, with a deep orange skin were spotted patrolling the streets of Lagos. 

subsequently, these men started popping-up unannounced in different places. 

They caused a scene whenever they appeared in public. But they never spoke nor made any sound. 

People got extremely curious. But no one knew their origin. And the best part, even TV stations and journalists, were as clueless as everyone else as to the “orange men’s” – that’s what they called them – origin and mission in Lagos. 

Now here’s the point, within a couple of weeks, the sudden appearance of these strange looking men in the streets of Lagos, was on everyone’s lips… EVERYONE! 

The buzz had been generated. But the ‘actors’ in this drams, hadn’t said a word. 

Now here’s the clincher, after the ‘Three Orange Men’ phenomenon had reached a frenzied pitch – it lasted about three weeks – it was carefully revealed that it was an advertising stunt by Pepsi to introduce their new drink Mirinda to the Nigerian market. 

My point is this, by using an unconventional marketing tactic, mixed with a dose of good old curiosity, which in turn generated lots of word-of-mouth on and off air, coupled with a little spark of guerrilla content marketing tactic, they had the whole city in a frenzy.

Guerrilla marketing gives you an opportunity to dig into the trenches so to speak, and interact with your audience in uncommon, yet creative ways.

Now do it. What have you got to lose?

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